How to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger

martial arts in RaleighMany people think that you have to actually get bigger in size to get stronger. Women, in particular, might avoid lifting weights all together because they’re scared of looking too “mannish.” Guys might not want to gain excess weight. If your goals are to fight professionally in MMA, then you might be worried that extra muscle mass might impede your abilities for your weight class. These fears can all be valid, but the way you train can make gaining extra size a nonissue.

In this short two part series, we’re going to look at several ways you actually build strength without looking like a bodybuilder. Do you want to start learning martial arts in Raleigh? If so, we hope you’ll consider Gracie Raleigh! We’re not your typical gym as we specialize in self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. Call today and ask about our free classes.

Getting Stronger Without Getting Bigger

Lift Heavy – The first basic rule of gaining strength is by lifting heavier weights. This applies differently to everyone as each of us are at different fitness levels. What’s considered heavy weight for me is probably different than it is for you. To figure out a good starting part, measure your repetition max. For max strength gain, try to lift weights where you can only complete 1 or 2 reps.

Be Explosive When Lifting – Exploding with a lot of power during each of your repetitions is also a little trick that helps people get stronger. Exercises, like the power clean, can generate a ton of power so start here.

Try Plyometrics – Speaking of explosions of energy, try your hand at incorporating plyometric exercises into your routines. The goal here is to exert as much power and force as you possibly can, in the shortest possible amount of time, on each rep. Plyometrics are great complementary exercises where heavy weights are concerned. Research has shown that when a person exercises with all of their maximum effort, coupled with explosive exercises using the same muscles groups, strength gaining is increased. A great example would be a squats followed by vertical box jumps.

Be sure to check out part two where we give you a few more tips on how to achieve more strength without gaining a lot of size. Want to really increase your fitness levels? Keep reading to see how Gracie can help you reach your goals.

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