Fun Martial Arts Games for Kids

Kids Martial Arts In Raleigh NCMartial arts requires discipline and focus. However, when you are teaching martial arts to a room full of kids, training also has to include a good dose of fun! At Gracie Raleigh, we love teaching children the skills they need to form a strong foundation for their martial arts practice. Our team of instructors work closely with each child to ensure they develop proper technique, form, and focus from day one. When you choose to enroll your child at Gracie Raleigh for their kids martial arts in Raleigh NC, you’ll never be locked into a contract and paying for classes you aren’t using.

Getting kids to practice their martial arts skills at home or during open gym time can be tough. Here are some great games to play to help hone their skills and have fun!

Try a game of Sensei Says. Call out a move or technique for your child. The child should only perform the move if the request is preceded by Sensei Says. If your child does the technique at the wrong time or doesn’t perform the right move, they are out of the game.

Have a blocking contest. Help your child practice their blocking skills by avoiding random strikes from padded blocker sticks. These strikes can be a combination of high and low blocks. Playing this game helps with conditioning and develops awareness for your martial arts student.

Balance contests can be fun. Have your student stand on one foot with their eyes closed. If they put their foot down or fall, they lose.

Add a twist to your child’s birthday party and incorporate their love of martial arts by letting¬†everyone use their martial arts skills to break the pinata. Helpful tip, if you are using a store bought pinata, test it first to ensure that it is not too hard to hit.

Got a few old pool noodles laying around? Play a few rounds of toss and kick with your child. Mark a spot on the ground with painter’s tape and stand a few feet away. Throw the pool noodle to your child and have them kick it, catch it, and return to their beginning position.

Focus and attention are crucial elements of martial arts practice. The Attention Stance Game helps even the silliest kid work on maintaining his or her focus. Have your child stand in the attention stance. They must keep their position and not move, smile, laugh, or make any kind of changes while you try to get them to break. You can make jokes, sing silly songs, or make goofy noises in an attempt to disrupt their focus and concentration.

Affordable Kids Martial Arts In Raleigh NC for 2018

At Gracie Raleigh, we make kids martial arts in Raleigh NC fun. If your child has been wanting to try martial arts, we encourage you to bring them to the gym to watch a class or participate in a free session. Call or come by the gym today and learn more about what makes us different from other martial arts gyms in the area. There is something for everyone at Gracie Raleigh. We also offer ladies only classes and MMA training.