Are You Frustrated with Your Progress?

karate lessons in raleighRegardless of the journey that you’re on with your martial arts, inevitibly you will run into bouts of frustration. This can be true with karate lessons in Raleigh, jiu jitsu training, muay thai, and most other forms. When you get frustrated, do not let it get you down. It’s natural, everyone gets frustrated at some point in their training. When you start to feel this way, use it as motivation to train harder and grow as a student.

Without frustration, we will lose focus because everything will become too easy. Frustration is a necessity for top athletes of all sports to reach their highest levels. Frustration pushes us to achieve goals with more focus. In reality, when you get frustrated you have two options. You can give up and quit, or you can persevere and try harder. At Gracie Raleigh, we never give up on a challenge. If you want to learn how we can help you deal with life’s frustrations, please call us today.

Benefits of Being Frustrated

Frustration not only promotes growth, but it also means you’re growing as a student. Your skills are improving, you’re trying new things, you’re becoming more confident, but you’ve now hit another obstacle and your stuck. Use this obstacle as your next goal. Sure it’s frustrating, but moving into any new territory can be hard at times. Use this time to figure it out. The highest rewards are often paid out to the people that work the hardest. So work harder and get better and learn the things you need to move up the ranks.

When you confront these feelings head on, you’ll also get a nice confidence boost, even if you fail. Again, when you get frustrated you have the choice to quit or get up and try again. Don’t give in to the feelings of failure. Instead, lift yourself up and pat yourself on the back for trying. Each time you try you are showing that you have the heart to persevere. My dad always says, “you’ll never hit the ball unless you swing the bat”. This means you have to have the confidence to try. Even if you fail many times, not getting down on yourself will show you that you can deal with things without falling apart. Knowing that would give anyone a boost of self esteem.

How you deal with being frustrated is all up to you. At Gracie Raleigh we can help build you up so that you’re always confident in all the things that you do in life.

Instead of Karate Lessons in Raleigh, Try Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instead

If you’re interested in changing your lifestyle for the better, call Gracie Raleigh. We do not offer traditional karate lessons in Raleigh. However, we are the best MMA, Self Defense, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai gym in the Triangle! Training at our gym will help you build up your confidence by learning real techniques that will work in self defense situations. You’ll love the fact that you’ll always be able to defend yourself, and your loved ones from attackers without a firearm.

Gracie Raleigh offers free classes for beginners so you can try without worrying about a commitment. For more information, please call us today!