Best Ways to Fill a Punching Bag

raleigh boxing gymsHaving a heavy bag or a punching bag is a staple for your martial arts training. Purchasing a pre-filled punching bag can be expensive; however, you can get a quality punching bag at a lower cost by purchasing an empty bag and filling it yourself. Here’s what you need to know before you buy an empty bag to fill on your own. All Raleigh boxing gyms are not the same. Gracie Raleigh can teach you boxing and so much more. Take a look at our programs.

Choose the Right Bag
When you purchase your punching bag, you’ll want to select one that is made of high-quality leather, vinyl, or canvas. Many sporting goods stores or online retailers carry empty bags. Be sure to look at the way the bag is made. The seams should be reinforced so that the bag will be able to withstand years of abuse.

The Right Stuff
Heavy bags typically come with foam that is three inches thick. The amount of foam padding will determine how much stuffing you will need. Many people find that using old rugs, clothing, and sawdust helps fill the space in the bag and gives it the right density.

To the Core
You’ll need to fill the center of your bag by filling a cardboard tube or PVC pipe with rice or sand to weigh the bag down. Use your weight to determine how heavy the bag needs to be. If you weigh 180 pounds, your punching bag should weigh between 70-90 pounds. Remember, the lighter your bag is, the more it will swing when you hit it.

Fill It Up
Complete the stuffing of the bag with the material of your choice. Ensure that the material is packed tightly and evenly around the bag. An even pack helps keep the bag from being lumpy or uneven when you hit the bag. A bumpy or uneven bag could cause injury, so this step is incredibly important.

Seal and Hang
Before you lace up the bag, seal the center tube. Once the bag is sealed, hit it a few times to ensure that the bag is properly tied off and that you don’t have areas that need more padding. Once you have double checked that the bag is ready to go, enlist the help of a friend or training partner to hang the bag.

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