Fighting a Bigger or Taller Opponent? Do These Things

UFC gym in RaleighWhen you are faced with a larger opponent when you step into the ring to spar or in competition, it is easy to become intimidated. However, there are many strategies that you can employ to help you defeat a larger opponent and control the match. The most important thing to remember when you have to face off against a larger opponent is not to get discouraged. Searching for the best UFC gym in Raleigh? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

Taller Opponents
One of the biggest advantages that a taller opponent has is a longer reach. Take away this advantage and get in close to your opponent. Getting in close to him or her allows you to control them by using their core against them. Since they are taller than you get as low as you can on their waist, in doing so, you are also controlling their weight. Pull them in tight and brace yourself, bend your knees, and lift your opponent up. Once you have them up off their feet, turn them over and slam them towards the mats. Leg trips also work to push them to one side. Then you can use your control of their core to topple them over.

Heavier Fighter
If the person standing across from you in the ring outweighs you, use their size against them. Keep moving around the ring and wear down their ability to keep up with you. Try to tire them out but be mindful of your own energy levels. Straight punches keep your opponent at arm’s length. Kicks and jabs will also be effective against larger opponents and help wear them down.

Being confident in your abilities is key to helping you bring down fighters that are larger than you. Putting in the time and energy to build your strength and endurance can help overcome the size and weight difference of your opponents. Flexibility, strength training, nutrition, and proper technique are essential to making your fight more evenly matched when you are outranked in size.

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