Should Fighters Take Dance Classes?

raleigh boxing gymsDid you know that taking dance classes could make you a better boxer? Accomplished boxer and salsa dancer, Alberto Ortiz, says that salsa dancing taught him to be a better fighter. Learning to read your partner’s body language and being aware of your own body helps you approach and analyze your boxing opponent in a different way. The physical and mental benefits of taking dance classes can help take your boxing to the next level. Here are the top ways that your boxing can be improved through dance. Interested in researching Raleigh boxing gyms? Check out what Gracie Raleigh has to offer! Call not and learn more.

Improved Awareness
Knowing where you are in the ring and what your opponent is doing is crucial for success. Being able to analyze and read your surroundings quickly through dancing can help you know where and how to move in the ring. When you dance, you are focused on your partner but also aware of your space and where you are on the dance floor. The same skill that ensures you don’t run into another couple or a bar can help bring positional awareness to the forefront of your boxing training.

Increased Flexibility
It is nearly impossible to dance when you are stiff. Taking a dance class helps you become aware of your body’s flexibility and improves your agility in the ring.

Stronger Mind-Body Connection
Finding your center of gravity and being able to isolate specific parts of your body can translate to two huge benefits for your performance in the ring. Processing the intricate dance moves you’re asked to execute will help your brain process and perform movements without thinking. Being able to find rhythms and patterns in your opponent’s moves will help you win in the ring.

Better Endurance
The high aerobic component of dance makes it easier to work harder for longer. Developing the strength, stamina, and endurance to execute complicated moves during dance class will make dancing around your opponent feel less like work and more like a well choreographed routine.

Confidence Boost
Feeling good about yourself and your body comes naturally when you try and excel at new things. Improving your confidence through strengthening your body, awareness, and connection translates into stronger and more confident movements during a fight.

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