More Father’s Day Gifts For BJJ Dads

Self Defense Near RaleighWelcome back to our next post on great Father’s Day BJJ gift ideas for dads. In our last post, we talked about belt displays, training gear, and lots more. In today’s post, we’re going to give you even more great ideas. If you’re searching for the best martial arts, BJJ, or self defense classes in Raleigh, call Gracie right now to learn more.

More Great Gifts For Your BJJ Dad

Sanabul Ventilated Mesh Duffel Gym Bag

Get your BJJ loving dad a new ventilated gym bag for Father’s Day. Why is the perfect gift? It will help keep all of his gear from smelling so bad. A ventilated mesh duffel allows air into the bag so his sweaty gear dries out quickly and completely, and stinks less. This is perfect for dads who train during or after work, or are always pressed for time. They start at $25 on Amazon.

New Gi In A Different Color

If you’re tired of seeing dad always wearing his boring gi, then consider buying him a fancy new one in a different color. The color of the gi generally doesn’t matter too much unless dad likes to compete. For competition, only white, blue, and black colored gis are allowed.

Grip Trainer

BJJ relies heavily on grip strength. Getting your dad a grip trainer is a great inexpensive gift. There’s many different types to choose from. Plus, he can take this gift with him to the office and use it while he works. Here’s a few from google that your jiu jitsu dad will love.

We hope these ideas will help you with your shopping. For more great Father’s Day gifts for BJJ dads, be sure to visit back with our previous post. If your dad is looking to take his training to the next level this summer, keep reading. Gracie Raleigh might be able to help you with awesome specials like our free classes for beginners.

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