Using the Clinch Effectively in Boxing

boxing gyms in raleighKnowing how to clinch, when to clinch, what to do in a clinch, and how to get out of a clinch are an essential part of boxing. While clinching can be a useful tool that can help you survive a tough fight, it is also a tool that should only be used sparingly. Tying yourself up in a clinch requires a lot of energy. It can also backfire on you as part of your strategy in the ring unless you know how to use it in the right way. Did you know that all boxing gyms in Raleigh are not the same? If you’re tired of the same old training, try something new at Gracie Raleigh. Keep reading to learn more.

When Should I Clinch?
The goal of a clinch is to tie up your opponent. Whether you are tired from the fight or need a break from taking punishing shots, you’ll want to give your opponent a big bear hug that prevents him or her from lifting their arms and punching. This strategy won’t work for long, though. It is against the rules in boxing to tie up or hold your opponent. The referee will break you up, but the break can be what you need if you are getting destroyed and need to regroup.

How to Clinch
Now that you know a clinch will keep your opponent from pummeling you, here is the most effective way to get them into that position. Move towards your opponent with your elbows close together and your guard high. Shoot your arms forward and hook both of your opponent’s arms just above the elbows. Immediately pull him or her in close and then lean on them. Control their lead leg with your legs and use this movement to balance yourself. Once you are locked in, control your energy by resting and regulating your breathing. Look for opportunities to get in a head or body shot while they are tied up.

Getting Out of a Clinch
Your guard is lowered, and your arms are tied up. Getting out of a clinch can be dangerous. The first fighter to get an arm free and land a punch can exit the clinch easily. If the referee doesn’t separate you, the shove out and the spin out are the two best ways to free yourself from your opponent without giving them an advantage.

To execute a shove out while in the clinch quickly bring your hands in and give your opponent a forceful shove. Aim this shove at the middle of your opponent’s chest and step back as you push yourself away. Shove hard enough to knock your opponent off balance as you step away to ensure that they are not able to throw a punch or jab as you break the clinch.

Using your lead hand, grip your opponent’s arm just above the elbow to begin a spin out. Control it and push it across your chest and down about 45 degrees as you step around your opponent. This spins them away from you and opens them up to a left hook or a straight right from you.

If the referee breaks you up, step back and avoid the temptation to land a cheap shot. Instead, put your guard up and protect yourself.

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