What to Eat Before Your Fight!

Martial Arts Classes in RaleighFueling up with the right food the night before your fight is almost as critical as getting enough sleep. While you may be tempted to have a cheat meal to celebrate all your hard work sticking to your training diet is more important than ever. Cutting back on your training in the days before a match allows your body to heal the strains and sprains from your training and it gives your body a chance to restore its reserves to help strengthen your muscles before you face off. If you ready to take your training to the next level, Gracie Raleigh can help. We offer affordable martial arts classes in Raleigh and the surrounding areas!

Eat This Before Your Fight

Here are some important things to consider as you prepare your meal the night before a match:

Starches – Skip ordering a huge plate of pasta and snacking on chips and salsa. Too many carbs can make you feel slow and groggy. Stick to complex starches like those found in vegetables and fruits to help produce that burst of energy your body needs for your match. Rice is also a great carb choice before a fight. Oatmeal or toast and fruit are the best choices for a pre-match breakfast.

Protein – Pack in the protein before a big meet up on the mats. Many professional fighters utilize lots of smaller, protein heavy meals. These include protein shakes, grilled chicken, salmon, red meat, and eggs. Be sure to get enough water in during the day to help flush the proteins through your system and maintain a high metabolic flush. Failing to keep this flush can lead to improper digestion, gas or diarrhea. None of those things are welcome before an important match.

Sugar – Spikes in your blood glucose can leave you feeling drained. Skip the sugar crash and keep yourself in balance with naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruits. The combination of natural sugar and fiber help provide sustained blood glucose and help keep you feeling full without the heaviness.

Snacks – Choose trail mix, almonds, frozen grapes, yogurt, or protein shakes if you need to eat between meals.

Avoid eating for three to four hours before bed. This allows your body to digest your food properly and helps you maintain your high rate of metabolism. High protein diets improve sleep quality and muscle restoration.

Give your pre-match food plan a trial run a few weeks before so that you have time to tweak portions and alter foods to see how they affect your performance. Choosing a diet that you can adhere to helps increase your chances of success both on and off the mats. Remember to consult with a sports nutritionist or your physician if you have health conditions that could be adversely affected by sudden changes in diet.

Affordable Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Raleigh For Women

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We even offer free classes for beginners. You can feel confident before you commit with Gracie Raleigh. We also have specific classes for kids if you have a child that’s interested in learning more about martial arts. There are no contracts for children. If you have any questions, please call. We’ll be happy to help you.