Making a DIY Punching Bag for a Few Dollars

boxing gyms in raleighIf the cost of a punching bag is deterring you from working out at home, we have a low-cost solution that can help you make your own punching bag. While this bag doesn’t give you the complete experience of working with a real punching bag, it is a suitable alternative when your budget is tight but you need to train. Before you begin to make your own bag, here are a few things to take into consideration. Researching boxing gyms in Raleigh? Why not check out Gracie Raleigh instead? Check out our programs.

Your Weight
It is recommended that you use a punching bag that is approximately half your weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, you’ll need to craft a bag that weighs between 80 – 100 pounds. Bags in this range will not be too stationary or swing too much and will allow you to practice your accuracy, timing, and striking moves. Keep in mind that if you are using your bag for cardio training, you may want the weight of the bag to be lighter so that it forces you to move more with the natural swing of the bag.

Installation Method
Invest a couple of extra dollars in purchasing a hanger that swivels so that the bag will move better when you train with it. You can also hang the bag over a beam or in a tree using a rope. Be sure to test it a few times before you begin to train with it.

Build Your Own Bag
Gathering the materials you need to build your punching bag is inexpensive. You’ll need a durable sack like a potato sack or feed sack, contents to fill your bag, rope, and a hanger to hang the bag. When it comes to filling the bag, be sure to combine different types of materials so that the bag is not too hard or too soft. Pieces of rugs, old clothes, sand, sawdust, and foam are all inexpensive fillers for your bag. It is best to layer these materials layer by layer so that the filling doesn’t sink and become too hard or too soft in places. You can easily add or remove filling to get the right hardness and weight for your needs.

More Than Boxing Gyms in Raleigh

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