Dirty Boxing for MMA

raleigh boxing classesThrowing a less than legal punch without getting caught by the referee in your next MMA matchup may be just the thing you need to win. These techniques have been proven to work time and time again. While your opponent may try and plead their case to the ref, you’ll be raising your hands in victory. Here are some of the best dirty boxing moves you can use. For the best Raleigh boxing classes, call Gracie Raleigh!

Palm Hook Punch Boxing
Inside your gloves there is padding that protects your knuckles and fingers, but not your palms. Throw a hook punch to the ear or temple of your opponent and land your blow with the palm of your hand.

Thumb the Bicep
When your opponent throws a jab, you may find that it is hard for you to reach their face and defend yourself. Instead, throw a hook punch to their bicep. Use your thumb to dig deep into the soft tissue of the bicep. Throwing this unorthodox punch won’t render your opponent’s arm wholly useless, but it will significantly weaken their blow.

Hooking the Hip
Used by many boxers in the ring, it may look like you’re aiming a punch for the groin but in reality you’re throwing a punch to your opponent’s hip bone. To perform this move, throw a hook punch to the side of your opponent’s hip. The movement immobilizes your opponent and makes them an easy target. While they are suffering a hip pointer, you’ll be landing crushing blows.

Elbow Uppercut
Using this technique often can cause damaging effects to your opponent. Don’t worry about making contact with the face, instead focus on your elbow making contact with your opponent’s chest. Target the middle of the chest to deliver the most effective blow.

Looking for even dirtier boxing moves? Suntukan or Panantukan is a hand to hand combat technique from the Philippines. While it is similar in style to Thai Boxing, the sport has absolutely no rules and the most used techniques among fighters include fish hooks, shoulder butts, sweeps, bolo punching, low kicks, back fists, and knuckle fists. These techniques are worked into a classic fighting structure that makes them functional for MMA fighters to use inside the ring. Suntukan uses every part of the human body as a weapon and makes use of knees and punches to deliver devastating results.

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