The Different Types of Muay-Thai Knees

muay-thai in RaleighWhether you are new to the sport or a more seasoned muay-thai practitioner, learning a new type of knee strike can help you take your skills to the next level. As your study of this martial art evolves, you’ll learn the six types of knee strikes that are most common. Each of these strikes can be used to help defeat your opponent in competition or during sparring. For the best training for muay-thai in Raleigh, call Gracie Raleigh now.

Straight Knee Strike
Khao trong or the straight knee strike is the first knee strike that nearly all muay-thai students learn. The target of this strike is your opponent’s midsection. The powerful upward thrust of this kick is executed by arching your back and thrusting your hips forward. Using both of your hands, grab your opponent’s neck from behind and force their head down.

Curving Knee Strike
Khao khong is an ideal move when you find yourself in a close clinch with an opponent. While the curving knee strike isn’t a particularly powerful strike, you can use this technique to wear down your opponent and free yourself from the clinch. To perform this strike, move your knee parallel to the ground and target their ribs.

Diagonal Knee Strike
Khao chiang is executed the same way the primary straight knee strike is. However, instead of the target being your opponent’s midsection, you are aiming for their ribs and the side of their body.

Rabbit Knee Strike
Khao kratai is another technique that will allow you to free yourself from a clinch. Repeated rabbit knee strikes can distract your opponent and allow you to escape their hold. This knee strike targets your opponent’s knee.

Small Knee Strike
Khao noi is an effective counter against knee strikes from your opponent when you are in a clinch. As your opponent raises his or her leg and exposes the sensitive portion of their inner thigh, use your knee to attack this space. This move creates space for an elbow strike or punch.

Flying Knee Strike
Khao loi is a more advanced move in muay thai that has the potential to knock out your opponent. Although the flying knee strike is an impressive move when performed correctly, this aggressive move can leave you off balance and open for attack. Execute this kick when your opponent appears to be off balance or when you want to close the distance between yourself and your opponent. Deliver this strike by jumping up and pivoting after a short run.

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