Differences Between Muay Thai and Boxing, Pt. 3

Boxing Classes in RaleighWelcome back to the final installment in our series on the differences between boxing and Muay Thai. If you’re just now joining us, we’ve been discussing these differences over the past few blogs to give our readers a better understanding of what makes up the two combat sports.

In part one, we mainly discussed how the boxer’s stance is widely different than one used by a Muay Thai fighter. Please click here if you would like to get better acquainted with these two stances. In part two, we discussed different hand positions used by each type of fighter. To see how a boxer holds his hands differently from a Muay Thai fighter, click here.

For today’s final installment, we are going to discuss how the footwork is different for each type of fighter. One seems to almost dance around the ring at times while the other seemingly stalks its prey.

Boxing vs. Muay Thai Footwork

Muay Thai Footwork – Believe it or not, footwork in Muay Thai does exist. However, traditionally it is not as utilized as it is in boxing. This is due to the way Thai fighters have to deal with attacks from the hands, elbows, knees, as well as defend against a variety of kicks and clinching. This means that the footwork that is employed is kept at a simple level. More of a stalking and creeping forward motion is used with the lead foot, like a boxer, however it is ready to check kicks at any moment.

Because of this, the Thai fighter has to carry less weight on their front foot compared to what boxers do. Also, similar to boxing is when a Thai fighter has to step away from their opponent, the back foot leads backwards and then the front foot follows. The difference is the way that Thai boxers don’t tend to lean back hard on the back foot like boxers do, that is unless the Thai fighter is stepping back from a kick.

Boxing Footwork – When a boxer has achieved a very high level, their footwork skills practically make them appear to be dancing. These athletes can move very fast around their opponents by jumping around lightly, pivoting, bouncing, and reacting to the rhythm of their opponent’s movements. From the beginning of a person’s boxing training, footwork is heavily emphasized. It’s almost drilled into the fighter as much as their punching techniques are.

These are only a few of the big differences between Muay Thai and Western Boxing. In the future we may cover even more, but for now we hope that you call us for Muay Thai training in Raleigh. Keep reading below!

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