Why You Need to Develop a Fighter’s Poker Face

Boxing Gyms In RaleighWhen you are in the midst of a fight, your face can tell your opponent that you’re tired, you’re frustrated, or that the last blow they landed hurt more than you’d like to admit. Controlling the way your face displays emotions as well as pain is how you keep the upper hand in a difficult match up. Body language and facial expressions can give your opponent the positive feedback they need to find that little extra motivation to pound you into submission. A good poker face doesn’t tell a story. Showing outward signs of frustration, weakness, fatigue, or pain will only motivate your opponents further. Here’s what you need to know about developing your fighter’s poker face. For a great alternative to traditional boxing gyms in Raleigh for 2018, call Gracie Raleigh. We specialize in muay thai, BJJ, self defense, and more.

Hide Signs of Weakness

When the person across from you lands a perfectly timed leg kick, your natural reaction is to flinch. That’s a normal response. The problem is that your natural response has just now betrayed you to your opponent. He or she now knows that they have hurt you and they will use this knowledge to wear you down and continue to repeat the same move until your pain tolerance is pushed past the breaking point. Learning to control your urge to flinch isn’t easy, but it is essential. Learning how to hide your pain begins with sparring during training. Don’t skimp on your sparring time and avoid the temptation to tell your partner to go easy because you’re injured from the day before. Take full advantage of these sessions to hone your poker face.

Push Through Fatigue

Fighting is physical. Keeping a poker face on when you are exhausted is difficult. Not only will your opponent read your fatigue and find ways to wear you down as you fight, judges who are scoring the match will see it as well. A judge is less likely to score a fighter who appears tired well. Fighters who find favor with the judges are those who appear fresh and clear regardless of how many rounds they have gone in the ring or holds they have broken. Maintaining the outward appearance of calm when you are exhausted is a learned skill. Again, practice this with your sparring partner and learn to conceal the exhaustion you feel during your more intense sessions.

Developing a poker face doesn’t happen overnight. After your first few rounds of sparring, you may find that you are fighting the urge to collapse. Push past the feeling of wanting to quit and focus on your breathing. Review your moves in your head and prepare for the next round. Hydrate and focus. Return to the ring refreshed and ready to spar again. Notice how your opponent looks and how they react to your calm and collected demeanor. When your opponent is unable to control their facial expressions, you will know that your poker face has been perfected.

2018 Boxing Gyms In Raleigh

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