How to Throw a Devastating Leg Kick

Kickboxing Gym in RaleighMaximizing the damage of your leg kicks to your opponent can help change the outcome of your fight. When a kick is well executed, you are able to inflict a significant amount of damage on your opponent and put him or her on the defensive. In Muay-Thai, the kick is one of the most devastating and useful weapons in the kickboxer’s arsenal of moves. Leg kicks serve one purpose in the ring, to wear down your opponent by damaging their leg. Searching for a kickboxing gym in Raleigh? Call Gracie now!

Leg Injuries Take Their Toll
While it may not look like it initially, the accumulation of these leg injuries will take its toll on your partner and their stamina and willingness to move and react in later rounds. By engaging your opponent from a distance with leg kicks you are able to inflict damage without opening yourself up to a short distance punching exchange.

Kicks Even the Playing Field
If you find yourself squaring up with a fighter who is more agile or who moves faster than you, being able to deliver a high powered accurate kick can help you slow them down and make the blows that you land more effective. Opponents who prefer to strike from different angles while circling around you will be particularly susceptible to leg kicks that are delivered with precision and devastating force.

Aim for the Back Leg
Unless you are facing off against a fighter who is ambidextrous and can easily switch their stance during a fight, your best bet is to deliver your kicks to their back leg. Typically, the hind leg is more prone to injury and softer than a fighter’s front leg. Remember that the front leg is more likely to be conditioned against damage due to all the kicks he or she has taken in practice and during sparring sessions. When you’re ready to inflict damage, aim for the back leg.

Keep Your Hands Up
Many Muay-Thai fighters make the mistake of holding their arms down while they kick. When your hands come down, you are opening yourself up for a debilitating and potentially match ending counter attack. Avoid getting taken by surprise by a hook or a head kick and keep your hands up. The best way to master delivering a powerful kick while protecting yourself is through repeated drills and extensive sparring sessions.

Go for an Inside Leg Kick
Fighters often forget about this technique which utilizes their weaker side. The reason many Muay-Thai fighters don’t utilize this technique is that it feels awkward. When delivering this kick, the primary target is the muscle on the inside of your opponent’s thigh between the top of the knee and the groin. Practice makes perfect for these inside leg kicks. Once you have mastered the movement and honed your accuracy, your opponents will never see this underappreciated and underused leg kick coming.

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