How to Cut off the Ring in MMA

Raleigh MMA trainingIf you have ever been up against a tough quick opponent in the ring, you know that their fighting style can be impossible to pin down and frustrating. The faster you chase them throughout the ring, the faster they run away. Some of these opponents are probably landing punches on you as you are chasing them down. When you fight fighters like these in mixed martial arts, there is only one way to handle them – cut off the ring. For the best Raleigh MMA training, call Gracie Raleigh today.

By cutting off the ring, your opponent has nowhere to run to, and you can get them to back themselves into a corner where you can land your most devastating kicks and punches. Cutting off the ring requires practice and being able to read your opponent but, with a little training, you can own the ring. Here’s how it’s done.

Avoid the Most Common Mistake
While it may be tempting to get aggressive with your opponent when you see them running away in the ring – don’t. If your opponent is running, you’ll never catch him or her by trailing them around the ring. Instead, trap your opponent by taking his space and leaving him nowhere to go. The closer you get to them, the easier it is for them to get away from you. Instead of following him by pushing yourself forward, cut off the ring.

Use Sideways Moves
Keep your opponent in front of you but use sideways movements to cut off the ring. Your adversary won’t be able to run around you, so he only has one choice, to go backward. Mirror his moves, as he goes left to right, putting pressure on him every time he moves. Eventually, he will try to get away from you and will back himself into a corner where you can cut off even more of the ring. Remember, you cannot trap your opponent by following them, only by taking away their space.

Back Up to Maintain
Once you have the other fighter pushed into a corner, keep him in front of you. Maintain your distance and don’t get too close to him. Avoid pivoting with him and allowing yourself to get backed into the corner. If your opponent tries to escape, take a step back to keep him in front of you and them retake control of the ring by pushing him backward. Don’t allow yourself to be baited into throwing punches and giving up your command of the ring.

Affordable Raleigh MMA Training

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