More Ways to Cut Off the Ring in MMA

Defending yourself from speedy boxers or ultra defensive fighters can be frustrating. These opponents can be impossible to chase down. The faster you chase an escaping opponent, the faster they run away. These opponents are also more likely to squeeze out of the corners before youufc training in raleigh can get there to land a punch. The answer is to cut off the ring and leave them little room to go anywhere. In our previous post, we shared some ways to cut off the ring and get your opponent where you want them. Here are more tips to narrow the gap between you and these hard to catch foes. Searching for the best UFC training in Raleigh in 2019? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

Move Sideways
By keeping your opponent in front of you and moving from side to side, you’re limiting his or her motion around the ring. This gives you the advantage and allows you to trap them along the ropes. By mimicking their moves around the ring and following them left to right, they can’t get around you.

Brush Up on Your Footwork
Using slips, feints, and lateral movement allows you to work your way around your opponent. Having a strong foundation of footwork will enable you to find dominate angles to reach your target. Without understanding how footwork contributes to your offense, you’ll be unable to control the distance between yourself and your opponent. Distance control leads to uncertainty in your attack and causes your opponent to back themselves against the ropes.

Create Angles
Once you’ve mastered your footwork, you can use these techniques to create angles inside the ring. By creating angles, you’ll be able to get inside your opponent’s space and throw them off balance or manipulate their momentum. Angles can also help you cut off the ring and force your target into a side to side movement pattern that allows you to control their movement around the ring.

Affordable 2019 UFC Training in Raleigh

These techniques are just a few of the ways you can cut off the ring and give yourself the upper hand. Learn more ways to defeat tough opponents and improve your fighting skills with Gracie Raleigh. Our team of experienced coaches will help you develop a firm foundation in the martial arts and elevate your skillset. Call or come by the gym today to learn more about how Gracie can help you take your UFC training in Raleigh to the next level. New students always get free classes, and we proudly offer ladies only classes.