How to Choose a Cup for MMA

Taekwondo Classes in RaleighWhile shots to the groin are illegal in MMA fighting, the reality is that you can still receive an accidental kick or knee to the groin. Even while grappling with an opponent it is still possible that you will have some sort of pressure applied to this highly sensitive area or that you could experience a hit of some sort. Choosing whether or not to wear a cup is a personal choice. However, if you are undecided and looking for more information on why you should or shouldn’t invest in the piece of protective equipment, see our previous post. Searching for taekwondo classes in Raleigh? Call Gracie today to learn why we’re the best martial arts gym in the area!

When it comes to choosing a cup to help protect you during an MMA fight, there are multiple types to choose from. The kind of cup you select is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Unless you have worn a cup before, you may find that choosing the right cup can be a bit of a trial and error process for you. Here are some of the most common protective cup options used by MMA fighters:

Steel Cups
Though often thought of as a bit much for MMA fighters, steel cups can be very secure when tied correctly. These cups offer maximum protection for fighters who find that they endure heavy groin contact during sparring or matches. Typically this type of cup is utilized by Muay-Thai fighters, but nothing says that an MMA fighter can’t use a steel cup for protection.

Compression Shorts
More secure than your average jock strap, compression shorts are lightweight tight-fitting underwear with a pocket for a cup. While they can be more expensive than a traditional jock strap, many fighters find that they are significantly more comfortable and offer moisture-wicking material which can help keep you dry. The Shock Doctor series of compression shorts come with a flexible sports cup that won’t hinder movement.¬†Many fighters prefer this over standard rigid cups.

Three-Part Systems
By combining a jock strap, compression shorts, and a cup, systems like the Nutty Buddy offer fighters superior protection and comfort. Users say that the system can be a little challenging to figure out at first but once you have it down it is the most comfortable and effective choice available.

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MMA, grappling, and striking competitions all require proper groin protection at both the amateur and professional level. Finding the right protective solution for you can require a bit of trial and error. Ask other fighters for recommendations or research online for options that you think may work for you and talk with your coach about the ones you are most interested in.

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