More Conditioning Exercises to Enhance Jiu-Jitsu

karate lessons in raleighAs we continue to look at more ways for you to enhance your BJJ training, we explore alternatives to the traditional gym workout. While getting in the gym and lifting, running, and sparring can really improve your performance, thinking outside the box and finding new ways to challenge your body can help you develop increased muscle stamina, breath control, and mental toughness. Many BJJ practitioners find that they have plateaued in their training and aren’t able to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves because they are locked into training in only one way. Developing your body to handle the demands of competition doesn’t always have to take place in the gym. Stop searching for karate lessons in Raleigh this summer. Give BJJ a try instead. Call Gracie Raleigh now to learn more!

Paddle Boarding
You don’t have to live on the coast to take advantage of all of the benefits paddle boarding has to offer. In fact, flat paddling on creeks, lakes, and rivers is an ideal way to hone your abilities and train your body. Paddle boarding requires you to utilize proper balance, posture, and breathing. Without these, you will fall off the board. These basic fundamentals are crucial in your BJJ practice but are often overlooked when the pressure to train is on. Muscle endurance and cardio are engaged when you are paddling in or against the wind and are a solid replacement for a full-on gym session. Awareness, anticipation, and application of counter pressure are all skills that are engaged while you are paddle boarding. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of paddle boarding but having the proper size board and paddle are crucial. When you’re tired from paddling, many people find that performing yoga on their board is an excellent way to hone their focus and practice controlled breathing.

Hill Running
Doing sprints up a steep hill is a great way to get in a good cardio workout without hopping on the treadmill. Finding a steep hill is easier than you think. There is probably one close to your home that you’ve never noticed. Jog to the hill and use this time as your warm up. Hill sprints will dictate the pace of your run. Running full speed up the hill and walking back down replaces interval training in the gym. Repeat this as many times as you are able to. The jog back to your house is your cool down. Shifting your focus from training in a controlled gym environment to overcoming a natural obstacle can help change your focus and add depth to your BJJ practice.

Cycling Class
Getting on the stationary bike or Aerodyne at the gym may be your least favorite part of your BJJ workout. There is no doubt that the bike gives you a great cardio workout. Why not get the same cardio benefits and have a little fun? Spin classes and spin gyms are popping up all over, and the cardio benefits of these classes are undeniable. Between the high energy class instructors, the room full of peddling people, and the upbeat music, you won’t mind working hard on the stationary bike. Classes are generally an hour in length with a warm up and a cool down.

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More Than Karate Lessons In Raleigh

We know that it’s easy to get in a rut with your BJJ training. Finding alternative ways to get your workout in and have a little fun is critical. At Gracie Raleigh, we want to help you break through your training block and take your BJJ skills to the next level. Want to learn how Gracie’s world-class instructors can help improve your BJJ game? Call or come by the gym and learn more about the Gracie approach to martial arts.