Are You Ready to Compete in a Jiu-Jitsu Tournament?

UFC gym in RaleighIf you find yourself trying to decide if you’re ready for your first jiu-jitsu tournament, read on. Making the decision to compete is both exhilarating and nerve wracking. Competitions are a great way to test your skills. Whether you win or lose, you can learn a lot about yourself, your fighting style, and where you need more work on your skills. Before you sign up for your first tournament, here are a few important things to keep in mind. Ready to train at the best UFC gym in Raleigh? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

Go with the Right Mindset
Having the right mindset as you are training is as important as approaching your first tournament with the right mindset. Be ready to accept that your performance may not live up to the hours of work that you have put into your training. First-time nerves, a more skilled opponent, and rookie mistakes can undermine all of your training and leave you wondering what the heck just happened. If you view attending your first tournament as a way to learn more about the sport you love and a way to challenge yourself, then you have the right mindset in place to attend your first competition.

Make the Commitment
Deciding to participate in a tournament requires a significant time commitment from you. Before you sign up, be sure that your schedule will allow for the additional training time that will be necessary and that your coach is aware of your desire to participate in the competition. You’ll also need to find a sparring partner who can be available to help you with training sessions.

Know Your Style
Every fighter develops a set of moves that he or she relies on to get themselves through sparring sessions. While it is important to know what you’re good at, you’ll also need to focus on the areas where you struggle when you find yourself with a partner on the mats. Have a fellow fighter, coach, friend or family member record your sparring sessions so that you can give yourself feedback on your performance. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your sparring opponents for their impressions of their time with you. All of this input can help make you a better and more well-rounded fighter before you begin to compete.

Learn the Rules
Each tournament has its own set of rules. These rules apply to moves that are allowed, the type of clothing you are required to wear, and how competitors score points. Memorizing the scoring system can work to your advantage and can help you track where you are with the point tally as you compete. You’ll also need to know which weight class you fall into so that you can register for the right class.

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