Should You Compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments?

Brazilian jiu jitsu in RaleighMany Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters wonder if they are ready to compete or if they should compete in tournaments at all. Regardless of your experience level, many coaches and more advanced practitioners of the sport will tell you that you should absolutely participate in competitions. While you may not be successful your first few times out, attending these events provides some definite advantages for any fighter. For the best Brazilian jiu jitsu in Raleigh, call Gracie Raleigh today.

Failure Is a Great Teacher
For those who are newer to the sport, or who are feeling stuck in a rut with their current training, attending a tournament is a great way to break up the monotony. Once you have participated in a fight and lost, you are able to critique your performance and evaluate where you are with your skills. This can help you  decide where you would like to steer your training. When you compete, have someone record your entire match so that you can use it as an evaluation tool later on. Regardless of the outcome, this video feedback is a useful tool in self-evaluation.

You’re Never 100% Ready
Even the most professional fighters never feel ready to step into the ring on fight day. Signing up for a tournament gives you a goal to work towards. Go into the day with the intention of doing your best and delivering a solid performance with the skills that you possess. Welcome the feedback of your coaches, your supporters, and your opponent after the fight. Everyone has something they can teach you during the experience. You will never feel 100% prepared or ready to compete, but pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can create an immense amount of opportunity for growth.

I’m Not Far Along in My Training
There is no perfect time to sign up for your first tournament. Many fighters wait until they are a year or so into their training and find that they do quite well. Beginning to expose yourself to different fighting styles and unpredictable scenarios throughout your training can help push you further along in the development of your skills. You’ll quickly learn what your default moves are, how to read an opponent, and begin to understand the importance of intricacies like controlling your opponent’s bottom leg when passing guard.

Before You Compete
Once you have signed up for your first tournament, be sure to review the rules thoroughly. Having a good grasp on what techniques are illegal and knowing which set of rules the competition follows is key. Ask coaches or more advanced BJJ students for clarification of the contest rules before you begin if anything is unclear. Also, before the competition, confirm your match time and plan to arrive a little bit ahead of your scheduled time so that you aren’t feeling rushed and don’t miss out on a chance to warm up if the fights before you are scratched.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Raleigh for 2019

If your goal for 2019 is to take your Brazilian jiu jitsu in Raleigh skills to the next level,  you need to train with the best at Gracie Raleigh. We know that hard work, proper nutrition, a supportive coaching team, and positive people around you are all keys to success in BJJ. Call or come by the gym today to learn more about our training style and sign up for your first free classes.