Common Muay Thai Mistakes

muay thai training in raleighIt is often said that as a beginning martial arts student you don’t know what you don’t know. This is true when you spar for the first time, and it is also true when you begin to train and evaluate the gear you’re using for your training. The investment to start muay thai can be a little costly on the front side, but getting quality gear that will protect you from injury and last through hours of sparring and training is essential. At Gracie Raleigh, we know how confusing it can be to know what you need before you come to your first class and that beginning a new martial arts discipline can be a little overwhelming. Here are the five most common mistakes that a muay thai beginner makes. If you’re searching for quality muay thai training in Raleigh, please give us a call for more information.

The most important thing to remember about sparring is that there is no winner. Your focus should be on working with your partner to gain feedback on your technique and your skills. Having an open dialogue with the person you are sparring with about where you feel you are weak or what you are hoping to improve on can help you get the maximum benefit out of these sessions.

It’s easy to allow your nerves to take over during a sparring session and forget to relax and breathe. Controlling your breath and focusing your mind helps you move around the mat and react to your partner’s maneuvers more easily. Focus part of your training time on breathing and clearing your mind. These simple techniques will greatly improve your performance.

Advanced Moves
Before you tackle a roundhouse kick or other advanced moves, learn to control your focus and breathing. Too many beginners are in a hurry to learn these flashy powerful moves. Instead of using a smashing motion for the roundhouse kick, a well trained and properly coached athlete will use a whiplash motion. Don’t rush your training to get to the advanced moves. You’ll get there soon enough. Rushing these movements can lead to injury.

While starting muay thai can be a little pricier than other martial arts options, this is one time when you truly do want high quality gear. Spend time researching gear before your first class and talk with your instructor about the brands of gear they prefer. While the right gear doesn’t always have to be expensive, you can find out where it’s okay to be economical and which gear is worth the money. Almost all practitioners agree that a custom-made mouthguard is one of the best investments you can make. These guards are formed to fit your teeth and offer better protection than off the shelf guards. Boxing gloves in 16-ounce weight are preferred for beginners. However, some people will begin with a 14-ounce pair. Other essential gear includes elbow and knee pads, headgear, groin protection, and stand up shin guards. Remember that cheap poor quality gear can injure you and will need to be replaced sooner. When in doubt, talk to your coach or other students to get the inside scoop on which gear they prefer.

Muay Thai Training in Raleigh and More

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you gain your confidence on the mat faster and form a good foundation for your muay thai training. Call or come by the gym to sign up for your first class and get gear recommendations from our expert staff. Learn exactly what items you need for your initial sessions and which gear you can wait to get later. Begin your muay thai training in Raleigh with Gracie today!