Most Common BJJ Armbar Mistakes

brazilian jiu jitsu in raleighWhile the armbar may be one of the most common BJJ submission techniques, performing this move correctly is essential. Making silly errors while attempting to complete this submission move is enough to cost you a victory over your opponent. There are three common errors that make your armbar easy for your opponent to defeat. If you’re searching for the best Brazilian jiu jitsu in Raleigh this summer, call Gracie Raleigh now.

1. Failing to Control Your Opponent’s Hand Rotation
Once you have secured your opponent’s arm, ensure that his or her thumb is pointing up, towards the ceiling. Their pinkie finger should be on your chest. If they are able to twist their thumb up and take their elbow out of alignment, your armbar will fail to work properly.

2. Poor Hip Position
Not only does having your hips too far away from your opponent reduce the amount of control you have over them, it also gives them lots of room to escape. Your opponent can break your hold easily by putting their elbow down on the floor and turning their body away from you.

3. Loose Legs
Having your legs too far apart or loose gives your opponent a wide variety of escape options. A wide leg stance allows your adversary to shove your leg up or down in order to break your control.

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