Benefits of Cold Weather Training

karate lessons in raleighWednesday, December 21, 2016 is the official start to the winter season. That means that cold weather is settling in.

Over the next few months, getting motivated to workout and train can be tough. You can get out in the freezing temps or stay at home where it’s warm inside. But here’s a little known fact that you might be interested in knowing; training in the cold can actually be beneficial to your training and health.

Over the course of the next two posts we’re going to be discussing all of these benefits. Hopefully they help motivate you to keep up your training and stay in shape during the winter months. If you’re looking for something besides karate lessons in Raleigh, Gracie Raleigh has what you’re looking for! We’re the best BJJ, muay thai, and MMA gym in Raleigh, NC. Call us today to learn more.

Why Training in the Cold Is Beneficial

Burns More Calories

Friends, if you’re like me then you like to eat; especially over the holiday months. That often means packing on a few extra pounds. If you’re trying to keep your weight down, or make weight for an upcoming tournament, you might have some serious work ahead of you. Take advantage of the cold weather to help you burn extra calories. For instance, running outside in cold weather can burn up to 30% more calories than running inside on a treadmill.

Immunity Booster

Want to avoid getting sick this winter? Then get outside and train. That’s right, training outdoors can help reduce your risk of getting the flu or other seasonal colds. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research also says that runners who train outdoors by jogging 45 minutes each day can reduce their risk of getting the flu by as much as 30%.

Furthermore, training outside gets you away from being crammed in a small gym with tons of other people in the winter. This is one of the biggest reasons people get sick during winter. Being in a gym with others allows germs to be passed from person to person easily. This is especially true when using communal gym equipment.

Be sure to check out our next post on the benefits of cold weather training. You’ll find even more tips and reasons to keep you motivated! Are you searching for a new martial arts challenge in 2017? You should continue reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can meet your needs in the new year!

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