Cauliflower Ear Is Not a Vegetable

Boxing Classes in RaleighWhat is cauliflower ear? If you take MMA, BJJ, or boxing classes in Raleigh, then you know all about it. If you’re not familiar with it, we can tell you that cauliflower ear is not a vegetable dish.

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What Is Cauliflower Ear?

This type of facial injury is very common for athletes that train in combat sports, like wrestling, boxing, MMA, and other martial arts, and is oftentimes considered to be a badge of honor within these circles.

Cauliflower ear is the result of a forceful strike to the pinna, auricle, or other outer part of the ear. The perichondrium, a dense connective tissue within the ear, gets separated from the underlying cartilage. Since the ear is made up of hundreds of small blood vessels, these start to bleed, which causes the area to swell. In turn the ear becomes deformed.

When this is not treated, large blood clots form. This is called an auricular haematoma. The auricular haematoma increases new cartilage production. This is where the actual name comes from.

Is It Dangerous?

It can be. Having cauliflower ear means you’re at risk of more infections, painful inflammation, and your ear canal can even become blocked. Some people also experience hearing loss. You are also at risk of further injury to that site. Once you have cauliflower ear, you can develop another one more easily if injured.

How Can You Avoid It?

The only true way to avoid this type of injury is to quit the sport, but that’s not an option! So, wear head gear if you can. This device will go a long way in protecting your ears. If you prefer not to wear head gear, then work on training movements that protect the sides of your head.

What About Treatment?

Do not try to treat this at home, except for applying ice to reduce the swelling. You can also take OTC anti-inflammatory medications. However, you should seek medical attention to have it drained.

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