Breathing Techniques for Fighting

kickboxing classes in RaleighDuring an intense match or fight, it is easy to lose control of your breathing. Whether you forget to breathe, hold your breath, or begin to hyperventilate, learning to control your breathing is essential to success. It’s easy to get distracted by what your opponent is doing in the ring or on the mat. Learning how to breathe the right way allows your body to rest and your mind to think. As a result, your attacks become more focused and powerful. Searching for the best kickboxing classes in Raleigh in 2018? Call Gracie Raleigh today to learn more.

Breathing and focus comes first in any good training program. Before technique, strategy, or any complicated fighting movements, controlled breathing and using measured breaths should be taught. If you missed breathing training or are ready for a refresher on this essential part of your training, here are the top things you need to know about better breathing for fighting.

Breathe Deeper, Breathe Better
Improper breathing techniques have an adverse effect on your body and result in lower oxygen intake. Deep breaths that are pulled through the diaphragm and extend the lungs improve oxygenation and gently massage the internal organs of the body. When you breathe shallowly, the fine capillaries in the lungs become stunted and your heart rate increases to compensate for the reduced oxygen uptake. Taking full, deep breaths improves the body’s function, improves blood flow, awakens the brain, and builds strong abdominal muscles.

Measured Breathing
Inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly through the nose is the most effective way to breathe. The air you bring in is pulled directly into your stomach and gives your body a more significant boost of oxygen than shallow mouth breathing which goes directly to your chest. Match the pace of your breathing to the speed of the activity which you are doing. When you are resting between rounds or moving out of your opponent’s range, slowly breathe in and out to help your body oxygenate fully and prepare for sequences of quick movements and rapid breaths. Fast breathing provides your body a jolt of energy needed to perform moves that require sudden bursts of energy. Fast breathing, when done incorrectly, can drain your body of energy and leave you gasping for breath. To fast breathe correctly you need to slowly breathe in through your nose and exhale quickly through your mouth in short bursts. These short exhales should be timed with each fast movement. One breath for every punch, kick, or slap that you lay on your opponent. When the sequence is complete, resume your slow breathing to help your body oxygenate and prepare for the next round of quick and powerful movements. The secret to fast breathing is to exhale as little air as possible.

Best Kickboxing Classes In Raleigh for 2018

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