Learning How to Box at Home with or Without Equipment

boxing gyms in raleighDid you know that boxing is a great way to get, and stay, in shape? Many people choose to take up boxing because it is a more interesting workout than a traditional gym session. A good boxing session also packs a powerful stress-busting bonus. Whether you choose to set up a boxing space at home or take it to the ring at your local boxing gyms in Raleigh, the workout you get will make you leaner, more toned, and improve your agility.

At Home Boxing Gym
Setting up an at home boxing gym allows you to go as simple or as complicated as your budget dictates. Learning basic boxing technique and theory can be done by watching instructional videos online or on DVD. There are also lots of books and blogs dedicated to the basic moves of boxing and the proper technique for punches.

  • Boxing training can be noisy so training away from your home is best. A shed or garage is preferable. You don’t need a lot of space if you keep your equipment minimal, but you will need a larger area if you are looking to spar or work on footwork.
  • Footwork drills and skipping can be unforgiving on your joints if you are doing these moves on a concrete floor. Consider laying down mats to provide more cushion for your joints. A quick and cheap solution is to use jigsaw mats that snap together easily.
  • Boxing gloves, wraps, and bag mitts are invaluable to protect your hands while you hit the heavy bag. If space allows, sparring drills can add another dimension to your training. Your partner will need hand mitts to protect themselves during these drills.
  • Bag training is a crucial component of boxing training. Hanging bags require chains and a fixed bracket. These bags can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall. A freestanding bag is easy to install but is substantially less durable than a heavy hanging bag.
  • You can add additional bags to your training area based on your budget and the amount of space you have available. A floor-to-ceiling ball, speed bags, hook and uppercut bags give you additional training options and they require little effort to install.
  • Incorporating strength training into your workout regimen can have a significant impact on your boxing abilities. If you want to improve your strength benches, squat racks, kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells can be added to your training room depending on your available space and budget.

It’s possible to begin boxing training with very little equipment. Shadow boxing is a great way to improve your form and footwork without a heavy bag. A large mirror on the wall will be helpful so that you can see the mistakes in your form and technique and correct yourself. Learning the basic footwork, punches, and defense techniques is essential for developing an active boxing practice.

When you begin your training, you may want to set up a few sessions with a coach at one of the many boxing gyms in Raleigh to ensure that you are practicing proper technique, you’re wrapping your hands the right way, and that you’re diversifying your exercises for maximum benefit. Gracie Raleigh offers training that can help you improve your form or teach you the basics to get you started. New students can take advantage of complimentary classes to decide if Gracie is right for you. Call or come by the gym today and get started on your boxing training with Gracie Raleigh!