BJJ and MMA Nutrition Tips

self defense classes in raleighIf you’re a combat fighter in MMA, or a casual BJJ enthusiast that likes to compete on the weekends, making weight can be stressful. There are lots of options, some wrong and some right, on how to hit weight for competition. Today we’re focusing on the right ways so you’re not left scrambling a few days before your match.

If you need to make weight, or just want to eat better in general, be sure to follow the tips we’ve outlined below. If you’re searching for the best self defense classes in Raleigh, keep reading to see how Gracie can meet your needs!

How to Eat Right to Easily Make Weight

Drink Lots of Water – The first rule of thumb to maintaining a healthy diet is by drinking plenty of water. Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere you go so you can constantly sip water all day long. Stay away from dehydrators like coffee, energy drinks, juice, alcohol, and soda. Dehydration will affect your energy levels, performance, and can also increase the risks of injury.

Eat Lots More Veggies – You’ve heard this your entire life, from everyone from grandma to your parents, you need to eat more vegetables. Guess what? They were right! Fresh vegetables give our bodies valuable antioxidants, enzymes, fiber and other vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, veggies are great for getting full without adding lots of extra calories so eating more is perfect for cutting weight.

Eat Quality Protein at Every Meal – Try to incorporate a little bit of protein into each meal you eat. As we train and workout, our bodies break down muscle tissue only to rebuild it stronger. Eating quality proteins like eggs, chicken, beef, fish and other meats gives our body the building blocks it needs to repair damaged muscle fibers and recover between workouts.

Eat Foods with Healthy Fats – The health nuts and diet gurus have fooled everyone into believing that fat is one of the biggest enemies to nutrition. However, natural fats that are in foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, and coconuts are really good for us and help our bodies in many ways. Natural fats aid in hormone production, anti-inflammatory responses and more. The processed fats found in junk and processed foods are the real enemy.

Eat Good Carbs – Another falsehood in diet and nutrition is avoiding carbs, no questions asked. However, carbs keep our brain and muscles functioning at high levels. Without them, you’ll walk around in a fog and your reaction times will be decreased because you’re out of fuel. The biggest problem is that most people eat way too many carbs, and the wrong types as well. Carbs found in fruits, grains and vegetables are great for you, however the ones found in cookies, pastries, breads, juices, crackers, chips and other junk food items are the enemy.

Even though it’s not easy, improving your diet and eating habits will have a dramatic effect on your weight, energy levels and performance in a positive way. Hopefully the tips we’ve listed above will help you. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level, keep reading. Gracie Raleigh might be able to help you.

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