BJJ and Rolling with women

The following was written by one of our male students after a comedic posting of a video ( about rolling with women.  One of our female students commented positively and I wanted post his response.

“I’ve seen a few of this guy’s videos . . . and always find him to be an insufferable dork. Maybe he’s better in person. 

That said, he’s correct that men tend to treat women like fragile dolls in BJJ. And it gets worse when women start to expect to
 be handled super delicately. It’s a terrible way to learn how to actually grapple. 

I believe Chenlu has escaped much of this because she legitimately tries to attack without caring about the gender difference. In return, she gets a similarly gender neutral response. That’s as it should be. 

Of course, size and rank differences can be good reasons to go easy. No one benefits when a purple belt with an 80 pound weight advantage goes full throttle at a new white belt. 

In this regard, Chenlu has indeed been properly “bro-ized.” I can’t speak for everyone, but my hope is that if anyone is going easier on her, it’s because she’s a 115 lb white belt, not because she’s female. The better she gets, the more intensity she’ll get in return. The same would be true for a male 115 lb white belt. Her being female shouldn’t have anything to do with anything.”