Bizarre Martial Arts You’ve Never Heard of

Mixed Martial Arts Schools in RaleighBrazilian Ju Jitsu, karate, and kickboxing are all familiar martial arts styles. While a novice may not know the exact difference between each style, the movements are familiar and can easily be recognized by both seasoned martial artists and a layman. However, there are some forms of martial arts that you may never have heard of. In fact, some of these martial art styles are so different they fall into the category of bizarre. Here are some of the most bizarre martial arts you’ve never heard of. Looking for the best BJJ, muay thai, or mixed martial arts schools in Raleigh, NC for 2018? Call Gracie Raleigh. Ask us about our free classes for beginners.

Founded in the 1980s by an ex-marine in Peru, Bakom is a dangerous and ruthless style of martial arts. Bone-snapping arm locks, strikes intended for vital organs, and merciless chokeholds are all standard moves in this martial arts style.

Started in West Africa by the Hausa people, the fighters wrap their arms in a thick cord. The cord is used to draw blood from their opponent as the fights are often held for money, and this extra layer of violence adds a draw that brings large gamblers to the audience.

One the most insane and deadliest forms of martial arts has its roots in Russia. Developed after intense studies of the body’s weaknesses, Systema focuses on controlling your opponent’s body. Critical areas of focus include the knees, waist, neck, elbows, ankles, and shoulders.

Kalari Payat
One of the oldest fighting methods in existence today began in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The goal of this fighting method is to hit one of any of the 108 nerve points on the human body that when struck will instantly send a person into paralysis.

Largely based on the fighting style of the Plains Cree First Nations, Okichitaw is one of the few remaining Native American martial arts. Most commonly, a tomahawk is used. However, if a weapon isn’t available, the hands are used like tomahawks while kicks land jabs from a distance like a spear.

A common name for hundreds of fighting styles throughout Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, this style of martial arts encompasses many different forms of weapons and defense techniques. The original form was inspired by watching the way wild animals fight. The method expanded to encompass all the traditions of the countries that fit into the group and include bladed weaponry, grappling, striking, combat, throws, and joint manipulations.

Characterized by rituals and movements that make it seem like a dance, Capoeira is a style of fighting that requires the fighters to vocalize as they face off. The key to this fighting style isn’t how well you sing or dance but how strong your kicks are.

Bando Thaing
Practiced largely in Burma, this unarmed style of martial arts can be seen throughout the world. Most commonly, more modern styles of Bando Thaing are practiced with swordplay, fighting sticks, knives, and spears with Judo-like throwing techniques.

Lerdrit is a modern form of an ancient fighting discipline that was used hundreds of years ago and is now practiced by the Thai Royal Army’s elite commandos. The key to this martial art is to attack your opponent in silence without warning. The attack focuses on your opponent’s weak areas like the throat while protecting your own weak areas.

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While some of these martial art forms may seem strange, the athleticism that is required to perform these moves is the same as what is found in BJJ or other more familiar martial art forms. Learn a new style or perfect your current practice with the highly skilled staff of Gracie Raleigh! We’re one of the best mixed martial arts schools in Raleigh, NC!