Biggest Benefits of Speed Bag Training

The biggest misconception about speed bag training is that it is just useful for hand-eye coordination. This fundamental piece of training equipment actually delivers significant benefits when used correctly. If you are new to the speed bag, see our previous post on how to use it.

One of the most significant benefits of training with a speed bag is that a fighter is able to develop a sense of timing. When you are facing an opponent in the ring proper timing is everything. The repetitious strikes on the bag help fighters develop a natural rhythm and harmony with their bodies in the gym. Once a fighter is comfortable in their movements and in their body, there is little that can detract from that state of mind when they enter the ring.

Another benefit of the speed bag is the development of reflexes and shoulder muscles. Twitch muscles are developed through using the speed bag by engaging in exercises that involve speed and require short reaction times. The explosiveness of these muscles is encouraged when the speed bag swings back towards you. Approaching the speed bag with a sense of urgency and intensity helps the rapid development of these muscles.

The most apparent benefit of the speed bag is that it teaches you to keep your hands up. Keeping your hands up is an unnatural feeling, however training over time with the speed bag makes this feeling become more natural, and the fighter becomes more accustomed to punching and striking from this guarded position. Be sure to have a spotter nearby who can help ensure that your hands are remaining up and at an appropriate level while training on the speed bag.

One of the most underappreciated benefits of the speed bag is that it can help you overcome your natural human reaction to blink when something is coming at your face. To overcome this natural tendency, position yourself closer to the speed bag and begin repetitions. Over time, you will become accustomed to having an object move towards you without flinching, blinking, or reacting protectively.

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