Want to Get Better at BJJ? Use a Jump Rope!

Self Defense Classes in RaleighOne big secret to getting better in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that martial arts pros have long used, is by training with a jump rope. The jump rope is an inexpensive piece of training equipment that all athletes should incorporate into their workout routines.

Not only will jumping rope improve your cardio, strength, and stability, it’s also very useful for burning calories. Jumping rope actually burns more calories than running sub 7 minute miles.

In today’s post, we’re going to break down all the reasons why you should be training with a jump rope if you really want to improve other aspects of your BJJ. If you’re searching for the best martial arts, BJJ, or self defense classes in Raleigh, keep reading to see how Gracie can meet your needs! Call today to learn more.

Why Jumping Rope Helps Improve Your BJJ Skills

Jumping Rope Improves Cardio, Conditioning and Endurance

When it comes to practicing BJJ and moving up the belt ranks, cardio is key. You have to be able to last through a grueling and demanding match. Because of this, there’s no better training tool than using a jump rope. Jumping rope is more efficient than running, jogging, and sprinting. The main reason is that you can do all of these combined into one exercise routine. Jumping rope can also be done indoors, outside, and almost anywhere.

Jumping Rope Improves Coordination, Agility, And Balance

BJJ relies heavily on coordination, balance and agility. Jumping rope pulls all of these traits together into one fun workout, especially when you move past the basics and into more challenging routines.

Jumping Rope Improves Strength

Believe it or not, jumping rope also makes you stronger. It’s a great exercise for working out muscle groups that do not get much attention in the gym. These include your ankles and wrists. BJJ does not rely heavily on brute strength, but you do need to have strength in your legs, ankles, and wrists. This greatly helps you on offense, and to defend submissions as well.

Now before you go out and buy a new jump rope, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind. First, your jump rope should be adjustable to your height. You’ll never train with it if it’s not the right length for your height. Second, be sure the jump rope has comfortable handles. Again, you’ll never use it if it doesn’t fit comfortably in your hand. Lastly, you cannot just use it once a week and expect to see any real gains. You need to make jumping rope an integral part of your workout routine.

Hopefully today’s post inspired you to go out today and buy yourself a jump rope. We think you’ll find training with it very effective for increasing your skill levels. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level, keep reading. Gracie Raleigh might be able to help you.

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