Best Takedowns for BJJ Beginners

karate lessons in raleighIf you’re new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the idea of grappling standing up with your partner and then getting them down to the mat can be a little overwhelming and confusing. While it’s normal to feel unsure about the moves used to get your opponent on the mat, several techniques can help you get them down and give you the upper hand. With proper instruction and lots of practice with your sparring partner, these takedown moves can help you gain the upper hand in your BJJ match and lead you to success. Searching for karate lessons in Raleigh? Try something new at Gracie Raleigh! You’ll love our kids, women, and free martial classes!

Double Leg Takedown
The double leg takedown is the most utilized takedown in all of the martial arts. Executing this move is relatively simple and straightforward. Begin by changing levels on your opponent and bringing your head down to your opponent’s belt line. Grab your opponent’s legs and drive yourself forward. With practice, you will be able to catch your opponents off guard and use your strength to take them down.

Ankle Pick
Another simple, yet highly effective, technique used to take down your opponent in BJJ is the ankle pick. To perform this takedown, push your opponent’s head over one of his or her knees causing their leg to become immobile due to the excess weight of their body. Now that their leg is unable to move you can complete the takedown by stepping into their space to block the target foot with your own foot before grabbing their ankle. From this position, the only thing that is left to do to take your opponent down is to lift their foot in the air and cause them to fall. There is a low chance of this takedown failing because there are no throws or slams. The move also doesn’t require you to get underneath your opponent or make yourself susceptible to a possible Guillotine Choke like other takedown moves.

O-Goshi Hip Throw
Don’t let the name of this move throw you off. It does not require a high impact slam. This move is one of the most controlled takedowns in BJJ and is perfect for beginners. With multiple ways to begin the takedown, beginners can feel confident in their ability to execute this move with practice and proper coaching. One of the preferred ways to start to learn this technique is to use an underhook to grab your opponent’s belt and maintain a grip on their sleeve. Lower your hips and step into your opponent until your hips are under theirs. Then extend your legs and lift your opponent off their feet. A quick pull of the sleeve and belt will twist them up and over your hip, causing them to fall to the mat. Maintaining the grip on your opponent’s sleeve will cause them to land on their side with an extended arm, putting you in the perfect position to perform an armbar.

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