The Best Submissions Used in BJJ

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That’s why over the next few posts we’re going to be highlighting some of the best, and most used submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. Do you want to train in mixed martial arts in Raleigh? If so, consider training at Gracie! We’re not your typical gym as we specialize in self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and muay thai. Call today and ask about our free classes.

The Best Submission Holds for BJJ

Rear Naked Choke – The rear naked choke goes by many names. Some call it a RNC, sleeper hold, or lion killer. In terms of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the RNC might be the most important submission to know how to use effectively. If you want to end a fight in a definitive manner, use a rear mount to apply this chokehold and make your opponent tap or go to sleep. A rear naked choke is successful in BJJ with gi, no gi, MMA, or any self defense situation.

The Straight Armbar – In the world of BJJ and MMA, one of the most versatile and powerful submissions is the straight armbar. The beauty of this submission is that it can be applied against your opponent from pretty much any starting position. This means you can use the straight armbar from the mount, side mount, rear mount, knee mount, or from the guard. We highly advise you learn how to properly use this submission.

The Triangle Choke – This submission is tough for beginners because there are many fine details that have to be learned to make the technique powerful and effective. However, if you have long and flexible legs then the triangle choke should be one of your go to moves. The triangle choke is also a move that will allow you finish a fight from the guard position and on your back.

Be sure to come back for part two where we list even more top submission moves.

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