Best Martial Arts for Someone Over the Age of 50

Self Defense Classes in RaleighMany people wonder if they are too old to begin martial arts practice. The answer is that it is less about age and more about the style of martial arts that you are looking to pursue. When you begin to consider which martial arts you would like to study, it is to important to think about things like recovery time, joint condition, physical activity level, and health conditions that may prevent you from participating in certain types of martial arts. What gym offers the best self defense classes in Raleigh? Gracie Raleigh. Click here to get started.

Fight the Aging Process
Did you know that Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help you improve your cardiac health and your joint flexibility? With fewer high impact moves than other grappling arts, you spend less time causing wear and tear to your body and more time refining complex passes and submissions. These sessions can help improve hip mobility and grip strength, which tend to deteriorate as we age.

Try Wing Chun
While much of Chinese Kung Fu is filled with more ornate and complicated moves like the Shaolin Five Animal style, Wing Chun is different. Most strikes focus on speed, not power and are delivered with an open hand rather than a closed fist. If you lack the brute strength of your younger days, Wing Chun may be the right fit for you.

Tai Chi
With a plethora of well-documented health benefits, tai chi is often the first martial art that comes to mind for those of older ages. Many people are surprised to learn that there is a form of the art that focuses on self defense and combines the slow gentle movements that tai chi is known for with trapping and striking moves. This martial art is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels.

To Your Health
Most importantly, before you begin to train for any martial art  speak with your doctor. Ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed any chronic conditions or joint injuries that may cause you problems during your training. Ask your physician about special braces or other protective equipment that you may need to consider before you begin your training. Your physician may require you to pass a physical before they will approve any martial arts training. Also, keep in mind that as your exercise level changes, you may need to adjust your diet. Your doctor may want you to consult a dietician for recommendations based on your health conditions.

Self Defense Classes in Raleigh | Gracie Raleigh

At Gracie Raleigh, we welcome students of all ages to join our gym. Whether you have a martial arts background and your career and family delayed your practice for awhile, or you are looking to learn a new sport or improve your fitness, our highly trained team of coaches can help you get started. New students always get free classes, and we welcome the chance to get to know you and help you explore our full range of martial arts offerings and self defense classes in Raleigh. Call or come by the gym today to get started with the best coaches in the Triangle area at Gracie Raleigh.