More of the Best Judo Throws for BJJ

UFC gym in RaleighAs we continue our series on judo throws for BJJ, we take a look at throws that can offer you some advantage when they are performed correctly. Whether you end up in an open guard or a mount position, these moves can help you get the upper hand on your opponent. Be sure to check out our previous post for some more of the best judo throws for BJJ. Looking for the best UFC gym in Raleigh? Call Gracie today! You’ll be glad you did!

Major Outer Reap
O-Soto-Gari is one of the most basic judo throws there is. In fact, many new judo students learn this throw first. Simple, easy to perform, and effective, this throw works regardless of body type and is perfect for when your opponent is just standing there unguarded. Grab your opponent at the sleeve and collar and then make them lean towards the leg on the same side as your sleeve grip. Force this position by leaning heavily on them. Then, step past them and swing your foot up in a kicking motion. As your leg swings back down, they are thrown onto their back as your calf connects with theirs.

Major Inner Reap
If your opponent is standing bent over with their legs wide apart, O-Ouchi-Gari or a major inner reap may be the most effective throw to use. To perform this throw, start with a collar and sleeve grip. Then collide with your enemy to drive them back. Hook your leg behind theirs so that they cannot maintain their balance and need to sit down. While you may land in the guard from time to time, this is not always a bad thing. Begin to pass to get a better position as your opponent should be on their back and disoriented.

Minor Outer Hook
Once a go-to throw in MMA, Ko Soto Gake has become a great way to get your opponent on the ground without suffering any damage in the process. Begin by getting them in an upper body clinch with both arms around their torso. Move slightly to one side so that one of your legs is between theirs. Hook their calf with your outermost leg and lean them in that direction so that they have no choice but to fall. While this may not be the heaviest impact throw in the world, it will have you landing in the mount position on your opponent or at half-guard from the top.

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