Best Beach Conditioning Exercises

martial arts schools in RaleighIf you’re headed to the beach this summer, there’s no reason for you to miss out on valuable MMA training time. Sand training is a great way to improve your overall conditioning. Due to the low impact nature of the sand, a beach workout is safer and easier on your body. Additionally, the unstable nature of the sand makes it an ideal exercise for your lower body. The greater force needed to move around makes your ankles and feet stronger. There are multiple exercises that are beneficial on the sand and should be considered in your beach conditioning workout. Here are a few examples. Did you know that all of the martial arts schools in Raleigh are not the same? That’s right! Gracie Raleigh is on an entirely different level. Call us today or check us out on Facebook to learn why.

Multi-Directional Frog Jumps
Typically done in a linear direction, you start in a deep squat position with your hands on your head. Jump either forward and backward or laterally depending on the call of your workout partner or your preference. These jumps help build quick muscle reaction times and increase the athlete’s ability to change directions with explosive quickness. Expect to gain lower body power by performing three sets of eight with one minute of rest in between.

Shuttle Runs
The ability to run short bursts for a set distance is something that benefits all athletes. During shuttle runs, being able to switch direction rapidly and accelerate or decelerate on demand make up one of the most intense beach workout moves. Begin by setting up two markers 25 yards apart. Two laps to the cone and back count as one round and equal 200 yards. Rest between rounds of shuttle runs. With improved conditioning, your rest period will decrease. Beginners should allow four minutes of rest, intermediate athletes can plan on three minutes between rounds, and expert level athletes will need a two minute rest.

Shuffle, Turn, and Sprint
Transitioning from a shuffle to a sprint is not a movement that is practiced for long periods of time. However, this drill will help you improve your transition time and accuracy when you need to change from a shuffle to a sprint. Place three cones five to ten yards apart in a straight line. Facing the side of the first cone, shuffle right to cone two. Then, pivot on your left foot to turn your body towards cone three. Sprint to cone three and then perform the movements in the opposite direction. Repeat this drill in sets of three, five times.

Start, Stop, and Start
Starting, stopping, and starting movement again is a more likely scenario than running in a straight line for long distances. Honing the skills to stop and start quickly and efficiently can help your flow as you transition from one move to another. To perform this exercise, set up three cones five to ten yards apart in a straight line. From cone one, sprint to cone two. Stop at cone two and slow your speed with small chopped steps, then sprint to cone three. Repeat the pattern back to cone one. Perform this exercise in sets of three, five times.

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