Benefits of Jiu Jitsu for Kids

Many parents hesitate to put their children in contact sports for a variety of reasons. In recent years the discussion has turned towards the long-term effects of children sustaining concussions while participating in sports. While broken bones, cuts, and other injuries are a part of playing contact sports, many parents weigh these factors heavily against the positives of having their child involved. Much research has been done on the benefits of being active and participating in sports. For most parents, the benefits outweigh the risks. All kids martial arts in Raleigh is not the same. At Gracie, we offer something more. Something better. Call today to find out.

Participating in organized sports improves your child’s confidence and self-image in a way that is different from other activities. Sports teach your children that they can develop their abilities and confidence in those abilities through practice and hard work. These lessons are vital in both childhood and adulthood.

A cornerstone of martial arts and other organized sports is the respect that is given to and demanded from officials, coaches, and teammates. Respecting the rules of the competition and showing honor for their opponents, especially when they have defeated them, is a valuable lesson.

Learning to be on time for practice, meets, or games, taking care of their uniforms and equipment, and organizing themselves in order to be successful are lessons that all children should learn. Participating in sports requires your child to be organized and responsible for his or her gear and aware of how their performance impacts others.

Rules are valuable assets. Learning the rules and playing by them helps your child learn that penalties will only set you back from your goal.

When your child learns to work together as a part of a team, they begin to understand that working towards a common goal allows everyone to win.

During contact sports like martial arts your child learns to protect themselves and how to use that knowledge correctly.

Regular participation in organized contact sports also offers benefits for your child’s physical health. Kids who are active regularly are at a lower risk for juvenile diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and childhood obesity.

Parents who are still concerned about their child’s safety while participating in contact sports can take the following actions:

  • Talk with coaches and officials about safety issues and fair play.
  • Ensure that the proper safety equipment is available for your child, whether it is provided by the team or gym or by you.
  • Stop by to watch how class is run before participating.

Best Kids Martial Arts in Raleigh

With the proper training and precautions, your child can safely participate in contact sports. At Gracie Raleigh, we take your child’s safety and well-being seriously. Every student is trained in the rules of conduct of martial arts, provided with adequate safety equipment, and taught in a clean and well-maintained space.

Call or come by the gym today to learn more about the kids martial arts in Raleigh training programs available for your child at Gracie Raleigh. With no contracts required and free classes for new students, your child can get started on the road to learning valuable life lessons and martial arts in no time!