Benefits of Boxing for Kids

Raleigh boxing classesDid you know that letting your child learn to box can have many emotional, mental, and physical benefits? Many parents shy away from allowing their child to get involved with boxing because they fear that it is dangerous and unsafe. The truth is that boxing is one of the most responsibly conducted and regulated sports available for kids today. Before you tell your kids they can’t learn to box, here are some things you should consider. If your kid is interested in Raleigh boxing classes, contact Gracie Raleigh today and ask about our juniors programs.

Boxing Combats Obesity
With the on-the-go lifestyle that many families today lead, your child’s diet may not be as balanced as you would like. As a result, childhood obesity is on the rise. Boxing training includes high intensity workouts that combine rope jumping, running, mobility, flexibility, and hand eye coordination exercises. Improving balance and coordination through boxing training teaches them to defend themselves against bullies and it also helps them to get rid of those extra pounds quickly.

Boxing Builds Self-Confidence
Helping your child find their inner strength and learn self-control is crucial. When your child boxes they become more confident, develop healthy ways to cope with their feelings of anger, and learn to control their emotions and channel them into positive energy. Being in complete control of their emotional, mental, and physical state gives your child confidence in themselves.

Boxing Teaches Focus
As the world around them moves more quickly, many children struggle to maintain focus. Punching a speed bag or practicing foot and handwork combinations requires an intense and sustained mental focus. Learning to focus and clear your mind in the ring helps keep you one step ahead of your opponent. The same skills can be used in the classroom to help your child stay on top of their studies and ignore the distractions around them as they learn.

Boxing Is Safe
When your child studies boxing the only time they throw punches at another child is during sparring. It is important to note that this is not fighting. Sparring is used as a way to learn new styles and techniques. The goal is not to hurt your partner while learning to develop your skills and improve your form, technique, and timing. These sessions are short but intense and are closely monitored by coaches. Children only spar with other children who are at their same skill level.

Boxing Has Social Benefits
As your child matures, knowing how to channel their adolescent aggression or restlessness into a worthwhile and fulfilling pursuit can help your child choose to align themselves with healthy goals and ideas. By promoting determination, fostering a good work ethic, and helping to release powerful hormones and emotions, boxing keeps kids out of trouble.

Be sure to join us for part two of this series where we’ll examine even more boxing benefits for children.

Raleigh Boxing Classes for Children

If your child has been asking to take Raleigh boxing classes, now is a great time to enroll them! We offer no contract classes for kids of all ages so parents never have to worry about paying for classes they aren’t using. Getting started is easy, and new students can try classes for free. Call or come by the gym today and learn more about how boxing can help your child.