An Introduction to Everyday Self Defense

Raleigh Boxing GymsIt’s no doubt that we live in a dangerous world. Every day on the news you’ll hear about bad things happening to good people. That’s why it’s really important for you to have some common knowledge about basic self defense techniques.

Over the course of the next several posts, we’re going to fill you in on these basics so that you’ll be better prepared to handle a self defense situation. Below, we’ll provide you with a brief introduction to each following post associated with this topic. If you’re searching for an alternative to Raleigh boxing gyms in 2017, we have a great idea for you! Call Gracie Raleigh! Ask about our self defense and other martial arts classes. We can help you take your fitness to new levels in the new year!

An Introduction to Everyday Self Defense

Awareness and Fitness Levels

In our next post, you’ll be able to learn more about the importance of self and situational awareness. These tips could potentially help you avoid a self defense situation. We also discuss the debate about fitness levels and the role it plays in personal self defense. Click here to jump ahead to the next post.

How to Be a High Risk and Low Reward Target

Want to be sure you’re giving off a high risk and low reward vibe to your would-be attackers? Then you’ll love this post. We’ll be breaking down all the tips you’ll need so you’ll appear to be bad target for criminals and violent individuals. If you don’t want to be targeted click here to learn more.

Why Avoiding Shady Places Is Important for Prevention

We cannot preach this aspect of self defense enough, and that is prevention is your best friend. The more things you can do to be proactive in your safety, the better, and that includes avoiding shady places. Knowing where not to go might be all you’ll ever need for your own self defense. Read more by clicking here.

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