Basic MMA Training Tips for Beginners, continued

Mixed Martial Arts Classes in RaleighWelcome back to our continuing series for MMA beginners. In our previous post, we looked at many of the common issues that those who are new to the sport face. Choosing a reputable gym and experiencing setbacks and frustration during your training can make beginning a new sport, especially a highly physically challenging one like MMA, so daunting that many newcomers give up before they have really even started their training. For tips on how to handle these experiences, see our previous post. Here are some more essential tips for those who are just starting out in their mixed martial arts classes in Raleigh.

Focus on Your Endurance
Adding high intensity interval training (HITT) to your workout routine can really give you a leg up on the mats. HITT is directly related to endurance. When you combine this with strength training, your stamina will improve. Ensuring that you enter each training session with plenty of rest, fully hydrated, and having eaten a diet that will help fuel your workout is critical. Train smart and increase your mileage and speed steadily. Your endurance and stamina will improve even more if you add weighted aerobic training and resistance to your workout.

Adjust Your Diet
Incorporating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and water into your diet is essential for providing your body the fuel it needs to meet your new training demands. Unsure about what you should be eating or how to tweak your current diet to meet your body’s needs? Set an appointment with a dietician or talk with your coach about what types of foods you should be eating and how often. Help yourself stick to your modified diet by preparing meals weekly and keeping healthy snacks on hand.

Talk with Your Doctor
Before you begin any type of new exercise program or diet, consult with your physician. Express any concerns that you have to him or her and make sure that you get the all clear for rigorous training, intense workouts, and dietary adjustments. Be sure that your coach and training partners are aware of any medical conditions that you have in the event of a serious injury.

Find a Reliable Training Partner
Having someone in the class with you to set goals with, motivate each other, and spar with can help you take your MMA practice to the next level. A regular training partner will be able to help you identify recurring flaws in your technique and help keep you accountable for showing up to work out.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Raleigh

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