Dealing with Bullies: Back-To-School Tips for Parents

Kids Self Defense Classes In RaleighSchool is back in session, and for many children, the transition to school can be made tougher by bullies in the classroom and on the playground. As children settle into their friend groups some instances of bullying increase. While bullying can happen to any child, most commonly it is the kids who appear to be weak or who are not as accepted by their peers that become victims of bullying. Children are now encouraged to speak out about feeling bullied, however many are still not comfortable approaching teachers or other trusted adults. If you’re searching for the best adult or kids self defense classes in Raleigh, keep reading to see how Gracie can help your family! Call today to learn more about our martial arts programs.

Parental Tips For Dealing With Bullying

There are many different types of bullying. As more and more children have access to cellphones, the number of incidents of cyberbullying have increased dramatically. Cyberbullying can include hacking into someone’s social media accounts and posting embarrassing information, sending threatening texts, emails or tweets,  or creating posts or websites to make fun of or embarrass someone. The type of bullying that everyone is most familiar with is physical bullying. Hitting, punching, pushing or pinching are all forms of physical bullying. Bullying can also be reactive. Reactive bullying happens when someone who was bullied begins to bully someone else. Name calling, teasing, or insults can also be considered harassment.

Children who are bullied are often afraid to come forward and speak out against those who are bullying them for fear that the treatment will get worse. These children also suffer from low self-esteem and begin to rationalize the bullying they receive. As a result, many of these children adopt aggressive or bullying behaviors themselves. Providing support to those children who are being bullied is critical. They need to feel safe and be encouraged to talk about their experiences and feelings. Reassuring your child and working together with the school to confront the bullies can help restore your child’s sense of safety. Many children need to know that their bullies will face consequences as a result of their actions. Every school is required by state law to investigate claims of bullying and provide feedback to both teachers and parents.

As a parent, you can help your children be prepared for these incidents by reinforcing to your kids that bullying of any kind is not okay. Talk to your child about ways to deal with the bully. Encourage them to go to a teacher, coach, or other trusted adult and report the problem right away. If they are confronted by the bully, teach the strategy of walking away or not engaging them in any way. Encourage your child to use self-discipline and avoid physical contact with the bully if at all possible.

A child with high self-esteem is less likely to be a target of bullying and more likely to stand up for themselves or others who are being bullied. Martial arts is an excellent way to teach your child self-discipline and boost their self-esteem. Through beginning martial arts classes at Gracie Raleigh, your child will learn the fundamentals of respect, discipline, and accountability. Martial arts also teach your child ways to avoid physical confrontation in a volatile situation and encourages them to defuse the situation peacefully.

The Best Kids Self Defense Classes In Raleigh

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