More Agility Drills For Improved Martial Arts

kids martial arts in raleighThanks for joining us for another installment on the importance of agility and exercises that will help you improve in this area. In our last post on agility drills, we covered using agility hurdles, ice skater jumps or hops, and tuck jumps. We hope you’ll take the time to go back and read it before moving forward. Today’s post will be more of the same. The exercise examples you’ll find below will help you greatly improve your martial arts agility. If you or your son or daughter is curious about¬†adult or kids martial arts in Raleigh NC, call Gracie Raleigh. Our junior’s program does not require any contract obligations for children. Call today to learn more.

More Agility Drills That Will Help You Improve Your Martial Arts

Cone Drills

Cone drills are an all-time favorite for athletes in all sports looking to increase their agility. These types of exercises will also help you with your foot speed, balance, and coordination as well. You use the cones to mark out and set up your drill on an athletic field, in the gym, or even your backyard. All you really need is some space to move around. Here’s a video with a few examples of cone drills.

Sprawling Drills

Grappling exercises, especially sprawl drills, can greatly enhance your defensive agility. This is used to defend against take-down attempts from an opponent. It can be applied in wrestling, BJJ, and self-defense training. Sprawling drills are prefect for beginners and can be done with or without wearing a gi. Here’s an educational video on YouTube that better explains the technique.

Take A Dance Class

Don’t laugh, but taking a few dance classes can really help you with your agility and flexibility. Dancing has many other benefits as well. Just one 30 minute high-energy dance class will burn as many calories as jogging. Plus, dancing strengthens your core and improves your balance, both of which are incredibly important for BJJ and other martial arts. In fact, many professional football players in the NFL take ballet classes for this very reason.

Mind Agility – Repping

Your body needs to be agile, but so does your mind. Having an agile mind can give you a huge advantage over your opponents. Constant repping is one of the keys to become an agile martial artist. The theory behind repping is building up your muscle memory. This means doing the same drill, the same combination of moves, or parts of a move, over and over and over again. By consistently dedicating yourself to repping, over time your body will just perform the desired moves without you even having to think about them. It becomes an automatic reflex of sorts. If you spend quality time repping, we guarantee your martial arts game will dramatically improve.

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