What Age is the Right Age to Start Martial Arts?

kids karate in raleighAs a parent you want your kids to be active and able to engage in activities that will help them in all aspects of life. That’s why you might be wondering what age is the right age to start your kids in martial arts. Some parents might want to expose their children to the many benefits of martial arts as early as possible, but many have some concerns that they might not be physically and mentally ready.

At Gracie Raleigh, we think that this really depends on the parents, however our junior’s programs are for kids ages 6 – 12. Kids younger than 6 might not have developed the focus and self-control needed to get through an entire class. We know that some kids do mature faster than others, and some not as quickly, but 6 is a good starting point. Below you’ll find a list of factors that you can use to determine if your child is ready for martial arts training.

Readiness Factors

Independence – First off, can your child participate in a class without you being right by their side? If not, they are probably not ready. Some martial arts training academies will offer classes where the entire family can participate, but at Gracie Raleigh, we think your child will benefit the most when they can learn in an environment where their parents watch instead of participate. Also, our junior’s classes are mostly taught in group settings, therefore your child should be comfortable being around others they might not know.

Focus and Attention – If your child cannot focus and pay attention to doing one task for 3 – 5 minutes at a time, then they are probably not ready for martial arts. Granted, our classes are designed to be fast-paced and performed in short segments, so your son or daughter should have enough concentration skills to keep up and move forward with the group.

Body Control and Coordination – How is your child’s body control and coordination? Can they control their movements most of the time or do they fall a lot and have under-developed coordination? Martial arts for kids in Raleigh NC is great for developing both of these, however your child should have some control of their bodies to begin with. Otherwise, they could get injured participating in martial arts.

Manners and Self Control – Can your kids control themselves in public? If your child has self control issues, there will be a lot of problems in the beginning of their martial arts training. Lacking self control can be very disruptive to all the children training and will hinder your son or daughter’s ability to move forward as well. Children who are respectful, and are better at listening, and following instructions, tend to have no trouble at all with martial arts.

If you’re still unsure whether your child is really ready to learn martial arts, the best way to find out is by signing up for a class in person at Gracie Raleigh. We offer trial classes, and we don’t require contracts for kids. Keep reading below to see how Gracie Raleigh can help your little one!

Kid’s BJJ Is Different from Kids Karate in Raleigh

Our Junior Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Program was created so that your son or daughter will be armed with a strong set of values and solid personal character. Our world class instructors will teach them how to persevere through life’s tough goals. This program is specifically for girls and boys ages 6-12, and there is no contract required. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child will experience real team building, cooperation and respect. They’ll also learn other positive core values such as focus, discipline, persistence, and dedication. Please give us a call today to learn more.