What You Should Do in an Active Shooter Situation

self defense classes in raleighThe number of active shooter situations in the news has people across the country fearing that one of these incidents will take place at an event, or in their workplace, school, or house of worship. While many organizations have plans in place in the event of an active shooter situation, there are additional things you should consider doing that can improve your chances of surviving. Learn how to protect yourself at all times with self defense classes in Raleigh from Gracie. Call us now to learn more.

Be Proactive
Report unusual behavior or circumstances. If something feels off about a person, situation, or set of behaviors, report it to a person of authority. While you may be wrong, being right can have a huge impact on the safety and well-being of those around you. Reporting these events may not stop the violence and prevent every incident, but it can reduce the frequency with which these instances happen. Know how to report individuals or situations that could pose a danger to others and to whom these reports should be made. Remember, if you see something, say something.

Run, Hide, Fight
Active shooter situations unfold quickly, and the risks and dynamics are constantly changing. Have a plan to keep yourself and others safe but be flexible with how you execute your plan. Evaluate where your nearest exit is and make a plan to access it.
Run: The best way to avoid being a casualty in an active shooter situation is to evacuate the building or area where the shooting is taking place. Plan to have more than one way to escape the building or area if possible. Take anyone with you that you can when you are fleeing. Do not let anyone who may also be trying to evacuate go into an area of danger. Leave all personal items behind and be aware of any dangers along the evacuation route. Keep your cell phone in your pocket so that your hands are clear for fighting back and for showing law enforcement that you aren’t a threat once you escape.
Hide: If you are unable to evacuate the building or area, find a place to hide. Silence all electronic devices, block or lock doors, turn off lights and stay away from the shooter’s line of sight into the room. Do not hide in groups if possible. Stay in place until law enforcement gives you the all clear.
Fight: Only as a last resort, or if you are in immediate danger, should you try to fight your way past the shooter. Ambushing the shooter with anything and everything available to you as a weapon can help distract him or her long enough to allow you to overpower them and take control. As you hide, look for things that can be used as weapons. Fire extinguishers, chairs, books, scissors, and other common items can be used as improvised weapons. Attack the shooter enmasse if possible, using aggressive force.

Help First Responders
When first responders and law enforcement enter an active shooter scene, their first goal is to stop the shooter. These officers and responders have to make a split second decision to determine whether the people running past them and hiding in the building or vicinity are innocent civilians or shooters trying to escape. As you leave the premises, leave all personal items behind. Your hands should be empty so that law enforcement doesn’t see you as a threat.

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