How to Make 2019 Your Best MMA Year Yet

karate lessons in raleighA new year means new goals. If your goals include improving your MMA skills, it’s important to shift your focus outside the ring. While many fighters may be focused only on what happens in the ring, a well-rounded athlete knows that taking care of business outside the ring leads to success inside. As you prepare to take your MMA skills to the next level in 2019, here are some things to consider about life outside the ring. Tired of only finding gyms for karate lessons in Raleigh? Call Gracie Raleigh! We offer BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and more!

Adopt a Positive Attitude
When you think and look for the positive in your life, the situations you find yourself in and the obstacles on your path seem less daunting. By choosing to adopt a positive attitude, you will find that you become more resilient when challenges arise in your life. Resiliency is necessary both inside and outside the MMA ring.

Invest in Your Self-Care
Self-care is more than meditation, massages, and bubble baths. Caring for yourself means finding time to balance training with work, family, and social commitments. It also means eating right and slowing down.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations
Setting goals and pushing yourself to excel is good. Being unrealistic about the goals you set for yourself is not. Choosing to set realistic expectations is healthy and helps ensure that you’ll actually achieve your goals.

Avoid the Comparison Trap
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are here to be you and you alone. Getting caught in comparing yourself to someone else and losing sight of your goals is a sure way to bring unhappiness into your life. Instead, stay focused on your goals and improving yourself.

Don’t Fear the Challenge
When you decide to take on something new, don’t fear the challenge of expanding your knowledge base or trying to accomplish something you’ve never done before. Instead, approach it with enthusiasm and a willingness to work and to learn. Removing fear and doubt from the equation leaves you free to focus on what you are challenging yourself to do.

Live Within Your Means
Looking at how you spend your money every month and finding ways to cut unnecessary expenses can help you save for the things you really want like a vacation or new MMA equipment. When you appreciate what you already have and look at what you could do without, you may be surprised to learn how much money you’re wasting every month.

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Join us next time for more ways to make 2019 your best MMA year yet.