2 years ago this time, I could not walk up a stair without assist or grabbing something for support due to bad knees. I also had high blood pressure of around 170 over 110 and was on 3 different medications. Running a restaurant with the stress and constant tasting of food for quality check had taken a toll on me.

After few months of rehab for the knees and some good old yoga, I finally dived in and started jiujitsu. It was tough. It was different. It was like no other martial art or sports I have done before. I was immediately hooked.

The first few months were definitely toughest. I used parts of muscles that I didn't know existed. My muscles and joints used to be very sore in the beginning. But as time passed, my musle endurance improved drastically and joints got stronger. Less bruises and quicker healing time. I could see my 6 pack for the first time in years! My wife definitely likes it ;). My stress level came down a lot along with my blood pressure to normal levels....and I'm off the meds!...all 3 of them! 10~13 hour work days seem much easier. More energy during the day and playing with my kids. It definitely is one of the best decisions I made in my life.

I saw many people come in and drop out like flies. It may not be for everyone. The results aren't visible until months pass by. Too many people drop out after the initial basics class. It wasn't easy at times, but I'm definitely glad I stuck with it. It is a lifestyle for me now and the results are fantastic. I think that is the case with anyone who practices Jiujitsu.

Thanks Gracie Raleigh!

Mike, Student