Membership & Pricing


Membership Pricing
Class 2 Days/Week Unlimited
BJJ (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)* $105 $135
Muay Thai $105 $135
Both (BJJ & MT)** $125 $160
FIT Club 10 Class Punchcard – $125 (No contract)
Juniors BJJ or Muay Thai 

For both, add $20

 $95 (No contract)
10 Class Punchcard (BJJ/MT) $140
Drop-In Fee $15
*Includes Sparring classes
**Requires completion of Gracie Fundamentals and MT On-Ramp Program
***Add an additional child for $65/month 




Required Foundations Courses
Class Duration Price
Gracie Fundamentals* 3x/Week for 1 Month $149
Muay Thai On-Ramp**     2 Classes $25
FIT Club On-Ramp*** 2 Classes $60
If you’re enrolling in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, the total
cost for both fundamentals courses and the first month of
Muay Thai is $175.
*There will be a one-time fee of $115 to cover the cost of your Gi, belt
and patch kit. If you already have a Gi and belt, you are only required to 
purchase the patch kit.  You will be responsible for applying the patches
to your Gi.
**Participation in MT classes requires gloves, shin pads, and hand wraps.
You can bring your own or purchase them for $100.
***Participation in FC requires boxing gloves. You can bring your own or
purchase them for $35.




Membership Discounts
Discount Amount Notes
Immediate Family 20%
Must show proof. Applies
to lesser membership.
 Military/Fire/Law Enforcement/EMS  10%
Must be active duty
Student 10%
Must be full-time and
show current schedule
CrossFit Invoke 20%  10-Class punchcard – $110 




Private Lessons
 Brandon Garner    $75/hour ($100/hr for two)  
 Jason Wingate $65/hour