How Martial Arts Helps Autistic Children Mentally

Kids Self Defense RaleighOver the course of the last few posts, we've been discussing how martial arts can help children with ASD. ASD stands for autism spectrum disorder. This mental illness affects 1 in 45 children between the ages of 2 and 9 years old. We left off talking about the physical benefits autistic children get from martial arts training. Today, we'll be shifting focus to the mental benefits. Gracie Raleigh offers top-notch kids self defense Raleigh classes. Call today and bully-proof your child.

The Mental Benefits Of Martial Arts Training For Autistic Kids


Most children with ASD have a really hard time interacting with other people their own age and adults as well. An autistic child might also prefer to play or do activities alone. Even though they want to have close relationships, they do not understand how to accomplish it. Kids martial arts training usually takes place in a fun and social environment. Gracie Raleigh's Juniors Programs is a great example. You'll find an overwhelming amount of support from our instructors and other students. Our family oriented atmosphere will help your autistic child come out of their shell and actually enjoy themselves. They'll also be able to make new friends that could last for a lifetime.

More Self-Esteem and Confidence

Children suffering from autism often have problems with self-esteem and confidence. This comes from many areas in their life. By nature, most of the kids with ASD feel uncomfortable in social situations. Furthermore, anxiety is a highly common symptom of the disorder as well. When you combine these factors with communication problems, it's easy to see why their self-esteem can be low. Martial arts training helps all children gain confidence, regardless of if they have a disorder or not. Martial arts allows kids to believe in themselves by achieving goals and milestones. They will also gain confidence by learning how to diffuse situations and defend themselves against attackers or bullies if needed. And like we mentioned above, they'll meet lots of supportive peers and adults that will always be there pulling for them, more so than at school or other activity groups.

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