Tim Kennedy defeats Bisping in 5 round decision.

Congrats to gym friend Tim Kennedy for his big win.  With the win, Kennedy improves to 18-4; Bisping falls to 25-6.

Tim Kennedy vs Bisping this Thursday 4/17

Join us in supporting gym visitor and friend Tim Kennedy as he fights Micheal Bisping in Canada this week.  Tim came in to the gym and trained with us back in December.  As a lot of you probably know Brandon has been a long time training partner and coach to Tim through his career.  Good luck Tim!

Results: US Grappling NC State Championships April 5th, 2014

Great job by all the guys who competed (Chris Lewter, Daniel Branch, Travus Helmly and Ben Wimmer) including Tone Henshaw’s sons first tournament!  Great job to all.

30+ Gi Blue Belt 175.6 – 188.5
1st – Chris Lewter – Royce Gracie / Gracie Raleigh
2nd – Ryan Boone – Royce Gracie / TFTC Academy
3rd – Gene Byard – BJJ Revolution / Revolution BJJ

Men’s Gi Blue Belt 188.6-202
1st – Daniel Branch – Royce Gracie / Gracie Raleigh
2nd – Cole Hopfenberg – Royce Gracie / Chapel Hill Gracie Jiu Jitsu
3rd – Ulises Lopez – Royce Gracie / Team ROC Fayetteville

30+ No Gi Intermediate 162.1 – 175.5
1st – Jeremy Stefanko – Royce Gracie / Team ROC Fayetteville
2nd – Ben Wimmer – Royce Gracie / Gracie Raleigh

Men’s No Gi Intermediate 162.1 – 175.5
1st – Owen Brickell – Gracie Barra / Spring Lake
2nd – Ethan Lafave – Royce Gracie / TFTC Academy
3rd – Travus Helmly – Royce Gracie / Gracie Raleigh

Metamoris 3 Results:

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie declared a draw
Rafael Mendes vs. Clark Gracie declared a draw 
Keenan Cornelius def. Kevin Casey via submission (heel hook) 
Dean Lister vs. Renato Sobral declared a draw 
Gui Mendes def. Samir Chantre via submission (baseball choke) 
Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts declared a draw

Metamoris 3, March 29th, 2014


UFC Fight Night on Fox: Shogun/Henderson 2 on March 23rd

Gracie Raleigh Entry Chris Lewter Wins Gold at the IBJJF Pan American 2014 Championships

Congratulations to Chris  Lewter for winning the IBJJF National Championships in Irvine California.  Chris beat out some stiff competition from some very impressive schools including the Gracie Elite Team!

BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy

First – Christopher Lewter – Gracie Raleigh
Second – John Russon – Gracie Elite Team
Third – Jody Becker – Brasa CTA
Third – David Ray – Gracie Barra

Chris put in a huge amount of work at the gym including a group trip last month to the Ralph Gracie San Francisco academy to train with Kurt Osiander and some of his students in preparation for this huge event.  All his hard work paid off!


Student Testimonial: Michael Henry

I’ve been a student at Gracie Raleigh for over a year now after a long layoff from BJJ. I resurrected my long-dormant Facebook profile pretty much solely to comment on this academy. Bottomline: This place is great. Everybody takes training seriously, but is very friendly. There’s no tolerance for jerks here, so if you’re concerned about that–don’t be. Everyone leaves their ego at the door. The main classes are all taught by one of the two BJJ black belts, a brown belt, or a purple belt. Everybody rolls with everybody, so nobody gets to pretend to be better than they really are, and nobody gets overly aggressive. They’ve got guys who do (or used to) compete in both pro and amateur MMA, as well as many BJJ tournaments. But they’ve also got plenty of folks who don’t compete. It’s up to you whether you want to be a competitor–no pressure. Membership prices are reasonable, fair, and fully disclosed. There are no bizarre rules about needing to buy expensive academy uniforms or rash guards, though they’ve got them for sale if you’re interested. There are plenty of class times to fit almost any schedule. They’ve even got a side class for beginners typically taught by a very competent blue belt (and sometimes a black belt), which is a huge benefit to new folks that was rarely offered at BJJ academies in years past. I’ve lost all of the extra weight I had put on prior to returning to BJJ. That’s 30 pounds folks. 30 pounds. You can’t help but get into shape pursuing this hobby, so if you want to gain some functional fitness that you can easily maintain because it’s so darn fun, this is an outstanding way to do it. I’ve trained and dropped-in at probably half dozen academies in various parts of the country over the years, and this is right up there among the best. I literally have no complaints, which is kind of amazing really. Come give it a shot.

Tim Kennedy vs Michael Bisping on April 16th TUF Finale

Lets support recent visitor to the gym Tim Kennedy in his upcoming fight against Michael Bisping.  As most of you know Brandon has coached Tim many times and has been in his corner at several of his fights.  Good luck Tim!


Who will end up taking over GSP’s vacated title?